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Which quality do you value most in a Presidential Candidate: Experience or informed intelligence?

As hard as it may be , try to explain your position and avoid insulting anybody in the process please!


Pls Add the Why! ....because an intelligent person would do what? or because an experienced person would do what?

Update 2:

Both is not an option in my Q! inorder To get you to think!

Update 3:

A my Q not yours ! My 5 pts!

Update 4:

"I think the person's ability to be a leader, and get two disagreeing parties to work together is the most important." Good point but that was not the Q asked?

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    Informed intelligence is always the better choice. It would be nice to have a candidate with both but when difficult decisions and new policies have to be formulated to address problems, a knowledgeable, intelligent person whose interests are actually in serving the public is the better choice.

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    I think the person's ability to be a leader, and get two disagreeing parties to work together is the most important.

    And to sterotype's remarks; the only way you would pay more taxes under Obama's plan is if you were in the top 5%. I doubt you are there yet if you are responding to these posts. Otherwise, the middle class will have tax cuts. Don't let republicans fool you!

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    Experience or informed intelligence? I'm not sure the difference but since no one has presidential experience except presidents, I'd have to go with informed intelligence, with out that all else is pointless.

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    Experience is important, but intelligence, I would rank higher. The reason being is that experience can be gained through surrounding yourself with very good mentors and advisors. You could have absolutely no knowledge of Iran, but if you have good advisors that are knowledgeable of the subject, their knowledge will make up for your lack of knowledge. Ultimately though, it takes intelligence to mull over the information available to make a good decision.

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  • Experience has taught me a great deal about things I used to assume. Obama has a terrible plan, but a great personality. I cannot fathom voting for more taxes. I am under an anvil now, and all these little college kids think people like me don't pay taxes. All of my neighbors were talking about that the other night. We get HAMMERED! None of us has extra money lying around because the government is constantly on our backs. I watch every penny, and my Federal, State and property taxes take Half of my income.

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    Informed intelligence. It's a close call though. But in the long run, experience is slightly less important. As long as he/she is intelligent then things should be fine. Experience is not always needed, as long as they have the passion and dedication to fulfill the country's needs.

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    Informed intelligence although experience doesn't hurt. We need a president who can run this country like a business to straighten out the horrible mess our economy is in.

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    experience, because the person with experience has been in the business longer and knows how to handle situtations that come along with the business and then with that experience comes informed intelligence.

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    I value a president that will put America first and politics last.

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    I value a president that most represents my views.

    Experience doesn't mean a thing if he is ill informed, and does nothing but the same.

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