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Sweet Chin Music?

Why do people pick Sweet Chin Music as one of their favourite finishers (Heck its a great move and its one of mine) but do you think people only pick it cos HBK does it . do you ever hear the Stevie Kick as someones favourite finisher. they are more or less the same move

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    The Stevie Kick is to Sweet Chin Music as the WWE Hardcore Title was to ECW Hardcore Wrestling. It was a joke of a knockoff. Most people probably don't even know what the Stevie Kick is because he hasn't done it since coming to the WWE.

    Anyway, I agree with you about people picking it just because HBK does it. A lot of other people do a superkick finish, some even do it better than Michaels, but people will still pick Sweet Chin Music over all others because it's Shawn's move.

  • I think that one of the main reasons people love Sweet Chin Music so much is because of Shawn Michaels. That's only natural though. HBK is one of the best and most popular wrestlers of all time, so I think that people liking his finisher is to be expected.

    Personally, I love Sweet Chin Music. I think its one of the best moves I've seen. While a large part of that is probably because Shawn Michaels is one of my favorite wrestlers, the move itself is also really cool. It has a tremendous sound, that massive crack you hear whenever it connects. It looks really real and explosive, and it often comes out of nowhere.

    I do agree though that if it wasn't Shawn's signature move, people probably wouldn't like it as much. But I bet that if you ask people whose favorite wrestler is Stevie Richards, they would most likely say that their favorite move is the Stevie Kick, and not call it Sweet Chin Music.

    Booker T used the same move in WWE, even though it wasn't his finisher.

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    The only reason why people like Sweet Chin Music is cuz Shawn Michaels is the one that uses it. I mean i know alot of other wrestlers in the past and in the present have used it, but none have been so popular and loved like HBK. On TNA, there are some superstars that use it, and it's only referred to as a "superkick." But like I a said earlier, and as u said, people like it mainly cuz Michaels uses it, and it's quick. He can use it anytime during the match. Just the simple!

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    Sweet Chin Music=Fav Finisher!!!

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    Its about the popularity and fan base of the person do ing the move. HBK he is a great face who lights the crowd up. Stevie however isnt much of a fan favorite and doesnt make fans jump out of their seat when he enters the ring. Also he is hardly known and has a bad fan base. While Michaels electrifies the crowd Stevie is laughed at.



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    Sweet Chin Music all the way!

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    Hbk makes the finisher seem like its such a powerful move. he gets the crowd going with it and hes the one who uses it the most he made it popular, thats why people pick it as there favorite.

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    IK and in tna cowboy james storm has Sweet Chin but he calls it somethin else but yea probably cause its "HBK" and SWEET CHIN MUSIC is known better than the stevie kick

  • Gentleman Chris Adams was doing that moved in World Class Championship Wrestling for years before Shawn Michaels ever did it and Shawn Michaels was doing that move years before Stevie Richards did it.

  • The Sweet Chin Music isn't MY favorite finisher! Mine is the RKO. The Randy Knock-Out!

    Don't doubt it, Randy Orton WILL become a 4-time wwe Champion!


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