How do i start my introduction paragraph on my research paper?

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I'm writing a research paper about air pollution but its pretty hard to start! My body paragraphs have to do with the causes of air polluttion! And some where in my research paper more
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Take a deap breath! We are about to travel into the grave world of air pollution. I will take you down the streets of some of the most polluted areas in the world, and show you how they came to this. Don't worry though, the smog will clear as our tour finishes with a discussion on ways to prevent pollution from getting worse.

Eh, it's a start, hope that helps, good luck!

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  • Michael N answered 6 years ago
    Look! In the sky! It's a's a's dirty smoke.
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  • DM answered 6 years ago
    Start with a really strong sentence (possibly a question) that attracts the readers attention. It is usually nice to start the beginning with an interesting quote or fact. Then give a bit of information about your main idea(s). It is hard to really tell what would be suited for this paper since i don't know what you are learning (about how to write the paper like organization, idea, voice...) or what you are writing so this is as much as i can help you with.
    Just try this website and if you use this you are bound to have a better paper than the people who don't use it.
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  • time to move to google answered 6 years ago
    1. you CAN start your paper without an introduction
    2. an outline is a good place to start a paper
    3. bringing together the causes and prevention might be some statement like "in order to address and hopefully prevent air pollution, it is essential to identify the causes of air pollution, including types, pollutants, and polluters, as well as laws and incentives to reduce pollution.
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  • soccergal661 answered 6 years ago
    I know this for sure. Me and my class do this stuff all the time. You have to have five sentence's and the first three should have dialoge. The next sentence's should have what it's doing like an introduction sentience. And last just have anything to introduce it to the next paragraph.

    Email me if you have any more questions.
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  • lmno921 answered 6 years ago
    Introductory paragraphs tell the reader what they're about to read. You've told us that, so now put them in complete sentences that talk about each following paragraph. Example, "Air pollution is caused by A, B, and C. A is this. B is that. C is something else. And you can prevent it this way." Good luck!


    English Major -- B.A. from Loyola U. Chicago
    Also, honors and AP high school English classes
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  • Jerick Ocampo answered 2 months ago
    search ! search ! search! :)
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  • shotnwild003 answered 6 years ago
    My college professor had us brain storm ideas first then put the main topic first with support in the introduction and then we used the supporting ideas as paragraphs and then use minor details for the body. reemphasize by rewording in the conclusion.
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  • Asia G answered 6 years ago
    It's as simple as introducing the topic. The last line of your intro paragraph should be your thesis, which should include the point being made in your body paragraphs. Before that, should be a general introduction to your topic: what air pollution is, and why you're writing about it. Why is this important? Introduce it the same way you would to someone who you were describing your paper to, but in more formal terms. Good luck!
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  • Morgan answered 6 years ago
    Well, start out with a sentence to get someone's attention. Then state your main idea and vaguely list the causes you have in your body paragraph. Throw in a few more sentences to make the intro a bit bigger.
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  • Coffee answered 6 years ago
    here's an intersting I dea I use often in my papers, think of starting with a qesutions, like
    Here are 2 ways I would start:
    "'What's goin on with Air pollution today?' have you ever heard people around you just talking about everday topics, well one common topic is Air pollution....etc

    OR-and I think this one is better and easeir...
    "'Have you ever wanted to change the wolrd...?' Well I have, and I have realized that I can do my part to prevent Air pollution. (here you just gotta let it flow-the harder part) Air polution is caused by...etc, something like daily activites or something, a way to prevent, idk

    -It's harder to try and give you tips without seeing your actual paper...but you can even start off with a joke, a qeustion, heck one time I even started with sarcasim...
    Good luck with your paper :)
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  • Amber answered 6 years ago
    Start by explaining air pollution and give some examples of it. State how we are effected by it and why. Just state the things you are going to mention in the body as well.
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  • RICHARD answered 6 years ago
    Air Polution is a worldwide problem. However luckily there is still time to repair soem of the damage. ..................

    its a start

    my question


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  • Lichy answered 6 years ago
    with a question
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  • Gimme Dat Becky(: answered 6 years ago


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  • philbertpheinstein answered 6 years ago
    The "beggining" doesn't matter, just be sure to tell us something we don't already know..
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