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Mccain voted against the GI says troop withdrawal date is "not too important." Why?

Is this a form of support?

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    You are taking it out of context and you know it. More liberal lies.

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    I think the first thing you need to do is find out why he voted against the GI Bill. As written, it would have given a big incentive for NCOs to leave the service. Since NCOs are the heart and soul of the service, it would have gutted the military of some of its most valuable personnel. That is why he voted against it.

    As for setting a withdrawal date, McCain does not have a crystal ball. He has no idea what the situation on the ground will be in the future. As such, it would be foolish to commit to a particular date, unlike what Obama initially did. He has now come around to the realization that you cannot just pull out until the Iraqis are able to stand on their own.

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    He voted against the GI Bill because he stated that it would be too costly and it would make some soldiers not want to reenlist (in order to get their GI benefits). I disagree with his position. He needs to consider that in the comercials to sign up for the branches of the military they state that they will pay for your college. It is a huge recruiting tool and a lot of people I know went to Iraq so that they could get a free college education. They put their lives on the line for this country the least we could do is honor commitments made to them. I thought that the "not too important" quote was a really bad gaffe. There are people there on their 4th and 5th tours of duty and our military is stretched thin and he doesn't think a withdrawl date is important? I think some of the soldiers would like to come home sometime this century. His comparison to Germany and Korea is not valid considering that when the war was over an insurgency did not occur in either of those nations. It is like comparing apples and oranges.

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    putting a date for withdrawal provides stepped forward making plans time to our adversaries. Many greater lives would be lost through taking a politically trouble-free way out and organising a time limit. all people who believes that a company withdrawal time table must be shared with the international and not stored key is naive and does not have a company draw close of the certainty of conflict. of direction you're utilising the withdrawal date as a political ploy it is clean.

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    HAHA, mis-stating facts is fun, isn't it.

    I am a former Marine and current soldier. McCain is the best friend any serviceman has ever had.

    He didn't "vote against the GI Bill." He supports increased benefits for increased service (the longer you serve the more you get).

    He has said that casualty rates are the real issue and they have dropped as of late.

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    Do Obama supporters actually watch an entire video of anything or read an actual bill or just like to quote little sound bytes and take things out of context.

    In the latter half of his statement to NBC, McCain suggested troops would withdraw based on the decision of military chiefs in Iraq.

    “We will be able to withdraw. General Petraeus is going to tell us in July when he thinks we are,” McCain said. “But the key to it is we don’t want any more Americans in harm’s way. And that way they will be safe, and serve our country, and come home with honor and victory — not in defeat, which is what Senator Obama’s proposal would have done.” (the rest of the answer)

    The GI Bill your wonderful Dem controlled Congress passed had so much pork added to they could barely lift it up. Further, it gave the same benefits to everyone regardless of length of service. McCain supported another bill that tiered benefits based on length of service, without all the pork, and had things that the service men and women actually requested like being able to transfer benefits to spouses and children.

    I think Yahoo should institute some sort of test to make certain people are informed before they can come into this section.

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    Because McCain isn't over there fighting. McCain isn't the one separated from his family for the better part of a year. It is easy to make decisions like this when all you do is help your friends reap the money from this war.

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    Easy, he said that the new GI Bill would make it harder to retain military members if you gave them full benefits after only three years versus the four years when I was in. Also, there are on going discussions with the Iraqi government on withdrawal time tables and other issues like this.

    McCain is just trying to protect the military and not have a mass exodus after only a couple of years of time served.

  • John R
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    Not Enough Money in it For Him!!!! Ask him to Put the Windfall Profit Tax on Big Oil and you will Know Where His Loyalties Are. The Republicans JUST Defeated that Bill in Congress!!!!! He will tell you anything to get Elected ---- And Then DO Whatever Puts the Most Money in His Pockets, NOT YOURS!!!!

    Source(s): Just My Opinion and 56 years of personal Observation!!!!
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    Bush, Cheney, McCain and their ilk have a habit of never, ever admitting they're wrong. They'd rather bankrupt America, hand Iraq over to Iran and AQ (neither were there5 yrs ago), get 100,000 Americans killed and destroy Iraq, than admit they're wrong.

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    Say...I notice quite a similarity between your questions and a couple of other "female" posters.

    Do you think one user name has more credibility than the other, Mary/countess?

    By the way, he voted against those things because the Senate Democrats tried to earmark other things in those bills.

    And it's not too important to leave Iraq. We want to stay.

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