Ethernet Splitter?

My fiance and I just got Road Runner and he wants to play video games online from his PS2 while I'm on the internet. We need a Ethernet splitter so that we can both be online. Do they make those? Where can we find one? Do we just connect it to the modem then run two Ethernet cables from to the back of the PC and one to the back of the PS2?

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    There isn't a "ethernet splitter" like there would with the phone line.

    There is what is called a "router" (pronounced rowt-er) that allows one ethernet cable to go in and, most commonly, 4 to come out. Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, Cisco, and others make wired and wireless routers. They range in price from $40 to $200.

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    There is no such thing as a ethernet splitter. What you need is a router. They can probably find one at a local Buest Buy, Radio Shack, or some place that sells electronics for $40 and above. When you get it connect it into your modem. You will need to purchase and additional ethernet cable. Hook the copmuter's ethernet cable into one of the ports on the router and the PS2's cable into another. See the instructions that come with the router for more details.

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    Yes, they do make these. You are looking for something called a "router."

    The most common routers are made by Linksys and Netgear, and can be found from many local and online retailers. I will include a link to - a very reputable online dealer - to show you a suggested model.

    Routers can come in a few types - some have wireless abilities, others are wired only. Almost all routers today give you a few extra ports to plug into, where older routers used to require a separate "ethernet switch" to provide you with more ports. Routers not only give you extra physical ports to plug your cables into, but they also perform network address translation (NAT) on the network signals (TCP/IP) themselves, giving you more IP addresses for use within your home network.

    When you purchase this item, or something like it, plug the cable from your cable modem into the router, and then plug your computers into the router. If you follow the setup instructions properly, you will have successfully split your internet connection to more than one device/computer!

    Also, beware of cable splitters. While handy for making one cable run handle two devices, they must be used in pairs (i.e. you put a splitter at each end. At the device end you plug in two computers, and at the other end you plug two cables from the splitter into two ports on your router or switch). As such, they do nothing to get two network ports out of your cable modem without a router.

    Source(s): My own knowledge. I am an IT Administrator for a mid-sized company. Sample link to purchase at:
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    The splitter will slow down your connection a lot. Every time both of the computers attempt to send something at the same time, there will be a collision causing the data to be resent. This will probably happen about once every couple of seconds. A hub is similar to a splitter and was used back when files were slower and users were less dependent on the network (think late 80's early 90's). A switch avoids these collisions and can keep the speed of your connection relatively high.

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    Network connections are rather more complex than cable TV I'm afraid.

    The device you need is called a router, and while not critically expensive they're not cheap either.

    Exactly how to configure the router for your needs depends on your ISP and the model of router you get, but what you want to do is the most common need, so it should be easy enough to do a google search for your ISP name and router model number.

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    Buy a router

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    It's called a router. You can get them at any electronics store.

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    Yes... THEY DO make these.


    I would spend a few extra and get a router.

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    no. you need a router

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