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Why about Mormon?

Why is the Mormon church so strict? I've been watching t.v. lately and everyone seems to be ashamed to grow up mormon. I never really studied the mormon ways. All i know is that it has to deal with the Latter-Day Saints movement. So Can someone enlighten me?


You know what I don't get either..I was also reading about how some people are Mormon won't marry others that are not Mormon. They have to marry someone in the Mormon church? :-/ I think it's a bit odd but that's just my opinion :-).

Update 2:

haha i know this is going to sound pretty lame but there were 2 Mormons on this show called "The Moment Of Truth" on FOX. They just had a guy on last night named Aaron Dunbar and the one question was "Have you ever been ashamed of growing up Mormon?" and he answered yes. It's the first video on this website

But then again its just a game show

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    Check out or to know about our beliefs.

    Strict? We are taught that smoking, drugs and caffeine are harmful to our bodies and we follow this health code. I believe science has backed this up (after the revelation, of course). No sex before marriage - hmmmm, doesn't that stop the spread of STD's, unwed mom's, etc.? Doesn't sound bad to me.

    Let me put it this way: If you were going to take a long trip, would you go out without any maps? When pilots fly, they have flight plans to get them to their final destination. We believe that the teachings of the scriptures are akin to a road map or flight plan. We know where we want to go, and the path to take to get there.

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    I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1966 and have never been ashamed of it. I am proud to belong to a wonderful religion that inspires a deep committment to our Savior Jesus Christ. Anyone can say they believe but we are taught to actually follow Jesus Christ and have a strong relationship with Him which includes living for Him.

    There is a lot of news about the Fundamentalists LDS on tv, internet, etc. They are no more a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) than the Westboro Baptist Church is a part of the Southern Baptist religion.

    Here is a website that might help you understand a little about the church.

  • You don't HAVE to marry other LDS if you are LDS--but it's what is recommended. That's only smart that a person marries another person that believes as he himself does--that way, there is not that problem when it comes to child-rearing and social and church-going activities.

    We also believe that temple-worthy people can be sealed together for eternity.

    I have been a Latter Day Saint, active and inactive, for 25 years. I married a man that I loved very much that was not a member of the church, in fact he was and still is an atheist.

    I still care for him deeply and we have a great relationship, but after trying to work though our differences for many years, he left and I let him go.

    Though it works for many people, based on my own experience, I would not recommend marrying outside one's own faith--there are so many other difficulties in married life to contend with, religion should be the one thing that cements a married couple together when times are tough, not tear them apart.

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    I dont think it's very strict. All the teachings of the gospel make perfect sense and are there to help better your life. You can't judge the entire church and all members of the church because you saw a few people who feel that way. I have been a member all my life and have never been ashamed. I am proud to tell people I am LDS.

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    It's not any more strict than most other churches. It's just that we actually practice what we preach. We don't just give lip-service to our beliefs.

    I'm not ashamed to be Mormon. There are sometimes when I won't volunteer the fact that I'm Mormon because I get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. But being ashamed of my beliefs and values has nothing to do with it.

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    I have NEVER in my life been ashamed of being a member of Christ's church and never will be. We follow the Lord's ways, not the world's... that is why we are "stict" in the world's view of things.

    I would more bet that person was ashamed of things he's done that are against the LDs religion, rather than being ashamed of being a member...

    Not EVERYONE is ashamed. I believe those who don't comply with the standards are ashamed of themselves, not the gospel. You are being WAY too general... just because you saw some guy say he didn't like the church... there are 13 million members who DO.

    I love the church and love the gospel.

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    I'm not ashamed of having grown up mormon. Why would I be? They're really no stricter than many Christian religions are, for that matter.

    I no longer consider myself mormon, and I could never go back to it as I think it's based on fraud, but I'm not ashamed of the way I was raised.

    Added: For Mormon_4_jesus, what do I want to do? Think for myself.

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    You realize there are over 13 million Mormons worldwide right? You found one who said he was ashamed. And from the sounds of some of his other things, I'm not sure he's even an active Mormon.

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    I am not sure what show you are watching but there aren't many LDS on TV.

    Most LDS people I know are not ashamed to grow up that way. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    If you want to learn more visit:


    You think we are strict- I knew someone who was raised Baptist and she told me that they are far more strict than Mormons are. They could not even dance. The LDS church holds dances for teenagers and adults.

    Also I work with someone who's daughter is in a Seventh Day Adventist school- they are far more strict than LDS are. She really has to be careful what she sends her to school in, any kind of corporate logo like princesses or Dora are not allowed, I think she said they are seen as idol worship and are not real, so therefore they are not allowed.

    We are allowed to use birth control and Divorce while it should be a last resort when there is no way to save the marriage is also allowed.

    You think we are strict, you should really look at the teaching of other religions.


    We can marry whomever we please, but yes we are advised to marry within our faith. Only LDS people can marry in our temples, but our bishops can perform marriages outside of the temples for people who are LDS or are not LDS.

    It is really just common sense to marry within your faith. It really makes things much smoother and stops a lot of marital problems. When you are married to someone who has different beliefs,you really are setting yourself up for failure. Love is not enough to make a marriage work. There is so much more to it than that.

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    The latter day saints is another word for mormon. It's the same church.

    Second... TV does not always portray reality

    and the mormon church is strict, depending on your views. no alcohol, tobacco... premarital sex...

    but like any religion, everybody doesn't follow the set guidelines.

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    We get guidelines to live by, no one forces you to though.

    We are advised to not smoke, drink alcohol, or coffee and tea. We are advised to eat little meat if at all, and focus on plenty of grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. We are encouraged to pay a tithe. We are advised not to have sexual relations outside of marriage. We are encouraged to be honest and to always to what is right. We are told to be faithful, read the scriptures daily and pray daily.

    We are promised, in both the bible and by our modern leaders, that if we will do these things, we will have the Lord's spirit always with us, we will have physical strength and increased capacity for learning. We will also inheirit "all that the Father hath" if we keep the commandments as best we can, develop faith in Christ, etc...

    Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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