is this considered DEEP CLEANING, im cleaning ppls house so i wanna know?

Beds made All areas dusted-on top, on the front and underneath (all items removed and replaced) Mirrors cleaned

Window sills wiped Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, doorframes Vacuum under the bed if accessible Trash emptied Baseboards wiped down Lamp shades wiped down or dusted Floor or carpets vacuumed Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy Bathrooms

tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and left shining

Tiles and chrome cleaned and left shining Sinks scrubbed and left shinning Toilets scrubbed inside

and out including base and behind

Vanity top cleaned (all items removed and replaced)

Mirrors cleaned Sills wiped down Trash emptied

Baseboards wiped down Vacuum and wash floor

Hallways Baseboards wiped down

Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, doorframes

Picture frames dusted Vacuum and wash floor

Kitchen Countertops and back splash cleaned (all items removed and replaced) Cabinet fronts cleaned

Trash empt emptied Sinks scrubbed


Sills wiped down

Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates

Baseboards wiped down

Vacuum and wash floor

All other living areas

All furniture dusted (all items removed and replaced)

Picture frames dusted

Sills wiped down

Cobwebs removed

Couch and cushions vacuumed and straightened

Newspapers, magazines and books straightened

Lamp shades wiped down or dusted

Glass tables cleaned

Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, doorframes

Baseboards wiped down

Floor or carpets vacuumed

Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy. does that list of things i would be doing sound to you like a deep cleaning service? this is my first time cleaning peoples houses so i want to do a good job lol and what would be a resable rate for doing just those things? i know it depends on the size of house but can you tell me if doing all that and only getting 50 is worth it? i was thinking of charging by the sq ft and x by 10 lol what do u think

Update 2:

do you think i should add organizing as part of my services or a seprate services i offer with in my business lol. i would like to go to peoples houses and do like a deep de-cludder and then organize there house from room to room lol...and if i did that as a seprate job but still part of the much should i charge and how do i even come up with a pay rate lol. i have looked around and nobody in my area does that : ( ....well more business for me HEHE

Update 3:

oh and how many tasks do clients ask you to do that are normally considered sometimes laundry is considered an extra task so they charge them extra to get it done. any ideas?

Update 4:

what else could i do to make it more of a deep clean vs just normal cleaning?

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    I used to work for cleaning and maid services in Orlando and in Satellite Beach in Florida, as well as hiring a few maids in my time. I would call that a GOOD CLEANING. I am not sure now what a service would call it, but it is basically what you do on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I think what may take it into the deep cleaning phase, is the fact you are actually WASHING and WIPING the baseboards and door frames down and doing more than dusting the mirrors. I think, depending on the area you are in, and what the actual size of the home is, $50 seems pretty reasonable to me for a girl doing her own service. Honestly, if it is say an apartment or small home, you should be able to knock it out in 2 hours with a little experience and no one at home to "chat" you up. And move onto to another place. The trick is to get good enough to fit 2-3 of these in in a day, thats where you start to actually see some serious money. Some free advice, when pricing a home, GO AND SEE IT FIRST. Some people will TELL you they only need this or that done and when you get there, it first need a bulldozer, then a dipsy dumpster. Then you can see for yourself the level of clean you are starting with and then, if you take them on as a client you can bring up a level of clean to where you are in and out in 2-3 hours and onto the next house! I remember having a client who insisted being at home while I cleaned, she needed help with this, she needed help with that, while I was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, she'd have me come in the kitchen and have me do her dishes, as her friends were coming over. My 2 hour in and out turned into a 4-5 hour problem. The service had a fit with her about it. The only plus was, they said it was the first time that she specifically asked for a certain girl (me) and one she was happy with. I did what she wanted and let the owner sort it out (not my job to tell a customer NO!). She tried to buy me from the service, which they refused to allow, as she wanted me, but not paying the hefty service fee for me, cause she knew I only got a small portion of the fee. I think her real plan was to pay me the small fee and skip the agency fee. So I had no benefit either to actually leave. Be wise to what people want, try to please them, if you have a demanding customer, I'd take them on, but only if they are willing to pay for what they get and don't EVER be afraid about the money! As you take on new customers, you may find the old ones bugging you more, or less and wanting to thin the herd, think of expanding your business. Its really easy, add another person, get paid the same, but pay them a portion, and give them the ones you are ready to take a pass on. I did this when I went to Satellite Beach and I was making quite a bit of money pretty quickly, and I would start the new girls with me, showing them as I went, making sure they did as I did, as I wanted, as the customer wanted. You will be surprised how much happy customers talk to other people who will hire you and your crew. Being honest, reliable and personable and hardworking will hold you in good steed! Be prepared to deal with unhappy customers from time to time, with a smile and an effort to do better to please and make it right. Sometimes you find they either go one of two ways, they keep whining to get more free and become a nuisance, or they are so happy they tell 10 friends who now want you to come and do their place! Weed the whiners out as you take on more. Someone who can't be pleased EVER is not one you want to keep. It sounds to me, as if you are willing to do a little extra, you are not trying to squeeze every dime out that you can, you are reasonable. Thats a good start! GOOD LUCK my dear!

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    I call this a q-tip cleaning another way of saying deep cleaning and I charge extra for it. My regular rate for just the standard dusting,vacuum,bathrooms,kitchen bedrooms is 10 an hr That doesn't include the inside of any appliances or closets those are extra.More if they have pets or children.Q-tip cleanings are 13 and hr or 15 if I have to provide the cleaners. Laundry is extra because my clients don't just want it washed and dried. They want it ironed and put away that could run you 5 a load. I empty all waste basket but if there is any bio hazard products I have no problem letting folks know this is also extra. These people don't want it on the books so they don't pay for my insurance you have me clean that kind of stuff you pay the price or be respectful to the help and clean up your own female products. Windows 10 a piece this includes inside and out screens and sills. I have a few that are set rates of 60.00 for just the basics. But if you call for a start up or to open a seasonal home it's going to get pricey. Don't sell yourself short if your bustin your hump cleaning someones house as well and as thorough as you would your own increase your rate. Once people see how wonderful their homes look they are more than willing to pay the cost and pass your name and number onto friends. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing.

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    I used to houseclean on my own and just did the basics - light tidying up, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors and bathrooms, kitchen clean up included washing & putting away dishes, scrubbing pans... It was usually a 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, living & dining room and took 4 hours. I charged $40.00, which I considerered a pretty good deal for them.

    The things I didn't do as you listed were:

    empty trash

    wash fingerprints from doorframes, etc.

    dust picture frames

    clean cabinet fronts (only occasionally would I do this, if I had extra time)

    vacuum couch/cushions

    Those I would consider more deep cleaning, as well as washing walls, washing out inside of cupboards/drawers... I considered what I did as the basic/normal cleaning, except that I did dishes & light tidying - I consider that more of a maid service, but didn't mind doing it. I also did maid service/house help and that was cleaning, tidying, dishes, laundry, change bedding, etc.

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    OK i use to clean houses the way i did was based on number of bedrooms for 2bdrm house 50.00 3 bdrm home 60.00 and be sure that things like laundry are extra ,as is pulling out and putting away decorations during summer when kids are at home i would let them know right off that during the summer months rates will be 5 or 10 dollars higher due to them being home all day that means extra work, also let them no that if they cancel more then once you will have to charge them believe it or not there are alot of demanding housewives who have nothing better to do then harass you if you find someone being to demanding wanting extra without paying dont hesitate to dump them good luck

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    My mother does this for a living. She charges $100 for a 3 to 4 bedroom home. She does everything you mentioned. She charges extra for doing laundry, steam cleaning carpet, and anything else out of the ordinary. If the house is bigger she charges $20 an hour.

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    That is deep cleaning. I do house work also. But it also depends on how many hours it takes to do all what you do. People should pay more than the minimum wage for this work. I get $7.00 dollars and hour for my work., and I do as much as you, when I don't dust picture frames and small things that might be done every other week, I clean the pantry or refrigerator.

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    I have to go along with the majority & say I hate cleaning the bathroom! Although, I too love to cook/bake & don't like doing the dishes or cleanup afterwards either.

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    That is definitely deep cleaning. It is going to take you forever to do that. Make sure that you charge accordingly.

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    I would definitely call that DEEP cleaning. Can you come over to my house?

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    Charge per hour, atleast 10 per hour.

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