how much population in curcao?how many indans in leave in curcao?

dinesh mehar i want to go in curcap

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    Curaçao ....

    1. Population: 136,000 (2006 census)

    2. Indians / South Asians / "East Indians"

    They are there as a tiny minority. Just how tiny is hard to say ...

    a) "There is a majority of mixed Afro-Caribbean and European descent, and also sizeable minorities of Dutch, Latin American, South Asian, East Asian, Portuguese and Levantine people .... East and South Asian migrants came to Curaçao during the economic boom of the early 20th century."

    b) Today there are 79 nationalities represented on the island, including Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, East Indian, and Venezuelan.

    c) "According to the Curaçao Health Study in 1993/1994, 79% of the population of Curaçao was identified as black, 13% as mixed, 7% as white, and 1% as Asian."

    d) You could always take a trip there and see for yourself first. Note this though: "Generally tourists holding a passport may enter the Netherlands Antilles without a written permit and remain with us for a period of fourteen to thirty days. However, several nationalities (e.g. Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, India, Peru) are required to present a tourist visa to enter the Netherlands Antilles. A visa should be applied for at least one month in advance at any representation of the Netherlands (in the concerning country)."

    e) If you do go, you will not be alone - see the the name of a Willemstad electronics store salesman at the end of this New York Times article.

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