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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago

What would be the cost of living for a family of 7 in the salt lake city, UT area?

looking for an accurate estimate of ALL costs from food to housing to insurance and everything in between. All help would be greatly appreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I can only give you estimates based on what we spend with a family of 4. I am a stay at home mom, my husband commutes about 20 minutes to work and I have a teenage driver (16 year old girl) and a teenage boy with a HUGE appetite. I am now spending about $200 a week on groceries with two teenagers. Gas is costing us about $100 a week. Car insurance is about $400 per year. Our housing runs about $1,800 per month with insurance. We live in a nice neighborhood but our house is only about 2200 sq. ft. You can definitely get larger homes for less money in a less expensive neighborhood, but I would DEFINTELY stay on the east side -- Sandy and Draper are nice. If you go on the west side, be sure it's southwest -- South Jordan, Riverton, Bluffdale.

    Since I'm digressing, I'll just continue on this bent. Your better schools are on the east side -- ANYWHERE on the east side. If you want to go north of Salt Lake, consider Bountiful, and Fruit Heights (good schools, but slightly more expensive) Stay away from Ogden, Woods Cross and Layton. Traffic into and out of Davis County is horrendous.

    If you go one county south (Utah county) you have an excellent school district with Alpine. Avoid Lehi. Alpine and Highland are lovely little suburbs with great schools and a great atmosphere nestled right up against the mountains. Home prices and taxes are higher than other places (like American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Orem) but they are very sweet places to live. If you're not Mormon I probably would'nt consider them -- they're about 98% Mormon. Mormons are very nice people typically (I know -- I AM one) but you're kids might feel a bit left out not being one of the majority.

    OK, back to the topic at hand. If you would like to email me, I would be happy to tell you what we make and how we live, but I'd rather not broadcast that all over the internet. Email me at I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about moving to Salt Lake. Let's just say that I moved here 20 years ago and I have never found a place I like better. I have lived in many cities in different parts of the world, but this is where I hang my heart.

    Good luck.

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  • 4 years ago

    I live a couple of hours from Salt Lake and it is a pretty nice place to live. It has a lot to do there, but there a lot of mormons which is good kind of because there doesn't seem to be as much crime. Plus it is only about 30 minutes from Park City, UT and omg it is beautiful and very ritzy

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