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question about electric cars?

Are there any electric cars out on the market right now for sale? One that is a reasonable price too, meaning under 20K...

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    Yes, there are many neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) which are usually limited to 25 mph, except the ZAP Xebra, which can go nearly 40 mph.

    In July the Green Vehicles Triac will be avaiable for $20k. It will be able to go 80 mph and 100 miles per charge.

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    You can buy a neighborhood electric vehicle for around-town driving for under $10k. If you want a full-size electric, the usual way is by getting an older car and converting it yourself.

    The usual reasons for wanting to avoid older cars - reliability - are solved by the fact that you'll be tearing out the old engine and putting in a new electric drive.

    Costs start WELL below $20k. $20k would buy a rather awesome electric car conversion.

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    At the moment there are not too many kicking about, however I did find an article about the top ten electric cars which will certainly give you a starting point for some shopping.

    It depends on what country you are in as well, because it is not likely to get an american car in the UK or vice versa.

    If you are interested in the electric car, there is also hybrids, which work on both. Below 30mph the carr uns on electricity and at 30 the engine kicks in to give you the speed you need. This saves both the planet and money on petrol.

    Hope this helped

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    No but if your able to wait a couple of years the Chevy volt will be hitting the market also there is ecomodding (google it) which can show you how to vastly improve perhaps even transform your car into a electric vehicle its kinda cool

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    Nope. Nothing street-legal, at least. And given the record of the industry for producing far more publicity than actual automobiles, it's unlikely that you'll see any soon. What you may start seeing by the fall are the first prosecutions for financial fraud by some of the manufacturers.

    It's significant that the Chevy Volt's manufacturers are making no firm promises about its availability. They're being honest about it.

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    I won't hold my breath in reguards to the Chevy Volt being available anytime soon. GM just might possibly scrap it like the EV-1 program. One never knows. Check out the following sites.

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