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interview problem.....

HIhi I am going to interview on bachelor of business in hotel management on Thursday. However, my English is very bad and I have no confidence on interview. I am looking for a good presentation sample.

First,self introduction, could you write a paragraph to me and I would remember it. About the detail I will fill in later......

Then, the question is "Why do I choose Hotel Management? Any excellent ideas?.. Please write in complete sentence......

Besides,How do I see myself in 3 years?

And other questions you think the interviewers will ask? Please write in complete sentence, I need to remember them and I will read them out on Thursdays.

Thanks so much......It is urgent. Thanks......

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    From your questions, I can see your English is OK.

    For your interview, be confident and you should be OK,

    For self introduction, you can write down something about your family, a few words about your personality, and a few reasons why you choose Hotel Management. I suggest you write them out and ask somebody to correct/enhance them for you. I do not suggest you rememer and recite paragraphs, this won't help your interview, believe me !

    Other questions for reference :

    1. What are your strengths and weakness ?

    2. Why should our school select you ?

    3. How do you feel about the recent earthquake in Sichuan ?

    4. Tell me the most wonderful experience in your school life.

    5. What is friendship ?

    Good Luck to you for the interview.

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