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how to get my puppy to stop whining she sleeps right next to me in the crate?

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    Move her to another room....put a ticking, wind up clock with her and blanket. It will remind her of her mother's heart beat....also works with human infants.....

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    We had this with our pup 6 months ago. Try playing with her (even if it's on your bed) for a little bit and then putting her in her crate. When she starts to whine, snap your fingers and just say "That's enough" in a firm voice. Eventually, all you'll need to do is snap your fingers and she'll stop.

    It does give you lack of sleep for a short time. One thing you need to remember is, she's in that crate all night and if you work, she's in it all day.

    I don't work and when we got our new puppy, I also invested in a play yard (one for kids/same for dogs but cheaper) and that's what I keep him in for my runs around town--the ones that may take too much time to keep our dogs (3) in the vehicle or when my husband and I go out to eat or have shopping (remodeling the house) to do.

    The play yard is a blessing to have and he hasn't chewed on it either. The longest he's been in it is 7 hours. No accidents, just glad you're home and let me out of here--LOL!!!

    With us having 2 other dogs & a cat the play yard allows him to see everything that's going on, he has a toy and water in there and he can also walk around and stretch. This puppy is a German Shepherd, will be 6 months on the 15th of this month and weighs 60 lbs.

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    She sleeps right next to you in the crate? Are you saying you sleep in the crate too?

    If not, maybe you should try doing that. See if it makes you whine.

    I cannot tell you how opposed I am to crating dogs unless they are being transported and it's for their own safety. Not that I expect you to care what I do or don't oppose, but still.

    If you want to have a pet that you can keep in a cage, give the dog to a loving home and get yourself a parakeet.

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    I was having this exact same problem with my puppy... i was told to place the crate in a different room... when she is in a crate next to you she sees and hears you and wants to be right next to you, not have this barrier between you... in placing the crate in another room you are making it so that the puppy cant see you, and she'll calm down faster... it may take some time but she will get used to it... also if you have a loud ticking clock, or a small quiet radio put one of them in the same room... it breaks up the silence so she'll calm down quicker.

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    Does she have a blanket to snuggle with? How long ago did you get her? If she's a new arrival, it might help if she has a blanket that smells like her mother and siblings, since she's been with them all her life. If she's been with you a while, you can give her soemthing that smells like you. A blanket or old t-shirt will do. Sleep with it for a few nights, and give it to her.

    If that doesn't do the trick, you can either let her sleep in bed with you (and be prepared to let her sleep with you every night for the rest of her life) or you can ignore her and she will eventually settle down. If the crate is close enough to your bed, you may be able to put your fingers through the bars and let her sniff them, or pet her if possible.

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    I have had 4 dogs that have done this same thing. The answer is to make sure they have gone potty before bed. Then put the dog in bed and cover it up and say good night then you get into your bed. When the whining starts we snap a finger and say SHHH, sharp and fast. This will go on for about 2-3 nights before you will be in the routine and have peaceful bedtime. Dont loose your cool and yell. Keep telling yourself, the dog needs to see you be peaceful at bedtime to have a peaceful bedtime. Just like children they feed off our emotions.

    Another thing that makes bedtime nice is a nice clean, warm bed. AND since we are letting the dogs sleep in the bedroom, keeps the dog smells from accumulating and causing allergies for me. I buy thinner pillows at walmart and put a plastic pillow protector on it and then a pillowcase then put that in the bottom of the crate. This way I can take the pillowcase off once a week and wash. I buy fleece (dont have to sew, just cut to size) from the fabric store and make my dogs blankets appropriate for the season we are in. Heavier blankets for the winter keeps the dog warmer and they dont wake up and whine for warmth. Good luck with your pooch.

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    Dogs a pack animals,and you are the pack now. She no longer has her litter mates to snuggle with. She will get used to being in the crate. Try an alarm clock, the ticking kinda sounds like a heart beating. Don't feed her after about 5-6 in the evening, otherwise she may need to potty in the wee hours. (No pun intended) If she does wake, as long as she doesn't need to go to the bathroom, ignore it. She will get the idea.

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    Make sure she doesn't have to go potty.

    See if a treat will quiete her down

    Reach out and put your hand on her.

    Make sure there are not splinters from the crate sticking her.

    Put another blanky in the crate

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    This happened to me also. We got our dog to stop by doing a couple steps.

    1- Telling her "NO!"

    2- Putting a blanket over her crate.

    3- Hitting your hand with newspaper.

    I hope I Help.

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    take something that smell's like u. a blanket,shirt,pillow,sheet,sweatshirt, something and put it in her create. i have done it with all my dogs. and my brother brought home a bull mastiff he was 8 weeks old when he him (moose). and moose would whine and cry all nite. he e-mailed me telling me about it. i told him th esame thing i just told u and he never had a problem again. moose is now 6 months old. just give it a shot. she's crying cause she's lonley and can't be w/ u.

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