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Cat that doesn't eat wet food??

I have a 2 year old calico domestic short hair cat. I rescued her and have feed her dry food and on our last visit to the vet two weeks ago, the vet told us that wet food is good for the cat's liver. I bought my cat different kinds of wet food, and different brands, fed in the morning and night (1/2 of a 3 oz can) and all she does is look at the food, then stick up her nose and walk away. Should I continue trying to give her wet food, or just give up for a while and let her be happy and content with her dry food?

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    Maybe you could start with a handful of dry food in the wet food can along with the wet food. This might be a little mean but don't offer her any other food besides that. If your cat eats it slowly take a few dry food pieces away day by day. Soon she may be used to wet food alone.

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    My kitten did not want to eat wet food at first either. I actually had to feed him it off of a fork for a while, but he will actually eat it on his own now. You might try using a plastic fork and see if she will lick the residue off the fork and slowly try giving her more. I used IAMs at first, but my kitten didn't seem to like it much. Now I feed him Hill's Science Diet Tender Chunks, because although it's wet, it looks like kibble pieces in gravy. My Fender loves it, and will beg by the fridge until I give him some! They do make an adult cat version of it, too. Good luck!

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    i would just let it be if she doesnt want it she dont want it

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