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How could hitler hate jews when he himself was jewish?

Did he ever comment on this or was he just so insane he didn't even acknowlegde this?


He wasn't blond haired and blue eyed as he claimed the Master Race was. Another reason I think he was crazy, he believed he had the ultimate plan for the world, but in his eyes he was inperfect, becuase he didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair, how could perfect plan come from what he considers a imperfect person?

Update 2:

Another reason which I didn't know until I just looked it up, of why I think he was crazy

"Hitler's real fear, then, was not that someone would discover that he has a Jewish grandfather, but that it would someday come to light that he carried a hereditary disposition toward mental illness and retardation"

Hitler's grandmother's maiden name was Schickelgruber. There is considerable evidence that this family produced abnormal progeny. Examples are: one of Hitler's relatives through his mother's side committed suicide in 1920, another, Aloisha had been placed in an insane asylum, another was "feeble-minded," and yet another was retarded.

By: Ben S. Swearingen

Civilization: The Magazine of the Library of Congress Volume 2, Number 2, Arcg/April 1995, pp. 54-55

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    Hitler. Was not. Jewish.

    This idea comes up every few years or so, does the pseudoacademic rounds and then dies a quiet death before being resurrected to amble around aimlessly groaning "Brains...Brains..."

    Even if by some miracle there was some diluted Jewish blood in there somewhere, by religion he was Christian (as someone above said he was baptized a Catholic) and the Jewish heritage would have been so far back you couldn't have found it if you'd blasted apart his DNA with dynamite.

    Reasons he hated Jews could be:

    a) The doctor who treated his dying mother was Jewish

    b) The art dealer, Max, who sold his postcards and barely made him enough money to not sleep on park benches was Jewish

    c) He was a demented idiot who needed someone to blame for his failure to enter art school.

    d) he resented the Jewish communty for its ability to band together and survive in the wost circumstances whilst Germany, suffering so viciously from the aftermath of the treaty of Versailles, couldn't stop its slide into economic ruin.

    e) He saw an opportunity to blame a section of the community for Germany's problems and the Jews made a great target, as they often do, because their enclosed lifetsyle makes them great targets for ignorance.

    f) He wasn't the only member of the Nazi party. Maybe it was someone else idea. He might have been the one who really hated Gypsy's originally, or Homosexuals, or Communists (Hitler was once arrested for participating in a communist rally, did you know that?) or people with mental illness. He might have just thought, "hey! This hating Jewish thing is a really good idea of Hermann's, I thinking I'll hate Jews too!"

    Read Mein Kampf. Then you'll realize that no, he wasn't insane he just had a very twisted idea of logic and yes, that made him a lot scarier than if he had of been crazy.

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    He wasn't blond haired and blue eyed as he claimed the Master Race would be. None of his followers questioned him because he was such a great speaker. He knew how to speak to make people not realize what was being said exactly. Anyway as was said he wasn't a Jew. Although if you look through his history it appears his real problems started when he served the Germany Military in WWI and they kept telling the troops they were winning, right up until the surrender. Seems to be when the hate really got bad. Maybe we should learn a lesson about lying from him, both ways.

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    This idea that Hitler was Jewish or part Jewish is dubious at best. No credible evidence that he was Jewish has ever been presented. He hated Jews mainly because he needed a scapegoat and a way to power. Jews had been marginalized in most European societies for centuries and it was an easy sell to say that they were one of the main reasons Germany was in the doldrums. Adolf Hitler was a master orator and a superb organizer. He wanted power and grabbed it because he understood that the population would support his contention that Jews, gays, the disabled, the industrialists, the Church, the intellectuals were in the way. He was not Jewish and any suggestion that he was is unsupported.

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    Adolf Hitler was not a Jew. He was an Austrian from the part of Austria predominantly populated by German speakers. Also there is no reason to think that he was insane. Could an insane man pull a country out of such horrible inflation and create a fairly large empire. What he did was disgusting and wrong but not necessarily insane.

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    No. Hitler had them concentrated because they declared warfare upon Germany in 1933, and as all of us recognize people die in warfare. for sturdy or undesirable. and that i do not belive he hated himself in the starting up yet probably later as a results of their deaths. no individual talks about the most purpose camps the position danger free germans and jap civilians died on the fringe of the position I stay to inform the tale our own soil.

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    he wasnt jewish thats just a conspiracy theory he was baptized as a catholic and was raised catholic.

    he even had a part of the nazi party dedicated to making catholicism more nazi-ish

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    was he really jewish? i swear he was GERMAN....or something...not all german's were jews.

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