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I need some help with one of my earlier asked questions. I put it in the mythology section but then I realized most of my contacts don't go anywhere but here. I'll paste the link on here in a sec. Basically I'm asking any of you who can help with it for help. Mostly contacts but everyone who can is welcome to answer I suppose.

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    You'll probably have to broaden your search by putting "Helheim" in your search criteria. They are not a lot you could read about Garm since there's not much to tell other than he's a big dog guarding the entrance of Helheim just as Cerberus for Hades' realm.

    Here's more info on Garm:

    Garm, Hela's enormous dog-guard, lives in the cave Gnipahellir. He is an eight-foot-tall black hound with glowing eyes. It is important not to underestimate Garm. While he may act like a big dog - vicious and dangerous or friendly depending on who you are - it's an act. There is as much intelligence in Garm as in any other of Helheim's guards. He is a Jotun who is always in dog-form, but he is no dumb beast. Garm seems to be on a general patrol around the borders of Helheim, meaning that he could be anywhere at any point. More often than not, however, he will be lending support to Mordgud at the main Gate. Garm will probably decide if you should enter based on a sniff or two. Don't ask us what he's sniffing for; we don't know.

    NB: Looks like you got some answers from the myth sections. ^_^

    Source(s): My coworker is a Nord
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