How Can I Treat Or Cure Nausea?

Please how can I cure it, iv'e been feeling nausea often and i dont know what to do. Please tell me how to cure it. Please be serious, and if you could, please provide a source.


Well It all started like 2 months ago when i threw up. Then about a week later I experienced nausea. I've been experiencing it everyday since.

I'm a diabetic type 1. But i've had diabetes since i was 15 months old and never had a problem like this. I've been taking a medication Geodon for ADHD since more than 3 years ago and also never experienced this problem.

But recently I went to my docter and they did a blood test and one came out positive. They said that my intestines are inflamed. I've been taking Dramamine to ease my nasuea.

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    Hello, I am a licensed Clinical Pharmacist and saw your question. First I need to assess the cause, decide on a probable diagnosis, and THEN we can explore cures. Please fill me in on the details if you can, as well as what you have tried so far, what medications your on, illnesses, the rest of the symptoms and when they happen. Thanks.

    Addition: ok, well since there is no further information, I'll go over some general causes, treatments and cures:

    1. The most common cause of nausea amongst adults are medications. Check with me or your local store pharmacist about any drugs, suppliments and herbs you are taking. Either the side-effects or drug-drug, drug-disease interactions most commonly cause nausea, h/a, stomach upset and bowel issues.

    2. If you are a woman of child-bearing age, you could be pregnant, ie. 'morning sickness'. Do an over-the-counter pregnancy test or see your doctor if you are a sexually-active female.

    3. Various illnesses and diseases cause nausea, anything from Helobacter pylori stomach infections (requiring prescription antibiotics -only upto 80% success rate), to peptic ulcer disease, hiatal hernia, tumors, etc...See your doctor and tell him/her about all the other symptoms that come with it, as well as my questions at the beginning here.

    4. It could be stress, ie. psychological in nature, tied to Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Dz, Depression, Panic Attacks, etc...

    5. Even alternative medicine could be the cause, despite being known to be a cure in textbooks, in theory or in folklore. For example, what if the ginger is contaminated with salmonella or e. coli, or a fungus? What used to be a nice occassional tea ingredient could be making you sick to your stomach now. Acupuncturists have great treatments with Chinese raw herbs recipes, but be aware that these herbs are not tested for contamination by heavy metals, bacteria or chemicals when they get imported from Chinese farms into the US market and we all know about how the Chinese are poisoning us and our cats, dogs, children, etc with tainted food and toys.

    6. Not only can tainted food, herbs & suppliments make us feel sick, so can contaminated environments such as mold infestations in the office or house. Check to see if mold is the culprit in your room or house?

    So, not knowing any specifics in your case, these are possible causes. When you know the cause, then treatment and cure is possible, otherwise you are shooting in the dark and the risk of that is more harm than good and at the least, wasted money and effort.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

    Dr. Nostrum, Pharm.D.

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    Acupuncture is very effective at treating nausea. In fact an article/paper was in the Journal of Oncology suggesting that cancer patients suffering from nausea {as a side-effect of chemotherapy drugs} should try acupuncture, since it has been shown to help patients deal with the nausea, to the extent whereby they feel it no more. Now the oncologists/doctors did not say 'Acupuncture' works, as they refuse to accept this, even though an incredibly valid, sound, and interesting scientific study has proven acupunture works, yet scientists cannot provide an explanation of 'how' it works, so acupuncture remains as a criticised, ridiculed and ignored therapy, as are all alternative therapies.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

    Source(s): BBC Alternative Medicine Herbs Documentery. Download from p2p networks usuing Bittorrent, torrent available on
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    You should certainly see a doctor if you're experiencing persistent nausea, to discover the root of the issue and not just suppress the symptom. With that said, as a holistic nutritional counselor, I'd suggest you try supplementing with ginger. I experience bouts of nausea myself, and find the greatest alleviation of my queasiness is taking a ginger supplement I've purchased from a health food store as soon as I start feeling the symptom.

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  • 4 years ago

    Well if it's just a small problem to you than I'd recommend tums but if it happens often i would see a dr he'll right you a perception

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  • ginger tea or smelling the ginger through a thin cloth. Works wonders!! or soda water with lemon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    pepto bismol?

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