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Do Americans see American lives as more valuable than non-American lives?

From watching the media here in the US, I get this impression. The focus is always on the number of American troops killed in Iraq, even though it was America who invaded Iraq not the other way around! Not to mention the fact that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians are dead, compared to a few thousand Amerian troops (who I admit are innocent victims themselves in many ways). Do Americans really see non-American life as so worthless? Or is it just the media?


"I'm sorry, but it was the Iraqi terrorist that flew a plane into one of our buildings, killing and injuring many"

Are you being sarcastic? Do you really believe this?

Update 2:

"Of course. Every other country has the same view, nothing wrong with it."

This is certainly not the case. It may be that we all identify with family and countrymen more closely than with others, +but+ you do not see the same ridiculous bias in the news media of other nations. I am from the UK and I can assure you that the huge number of innocent Iraqi deaths has always been a bigger story than the small number of British troop deaths. Thats not because we don't care about our troops, it's just keeping things in some kind of perspective.

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    Well, our politicians do seem to think Israeli lives are more important than American lives.

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    You just answered your own question. Your information comes from the Media, doesn't it? They are the ones who determine what it is that we see and hear, or at least they like to think so. With modern communications and the internet, we are no longer utterly dependent on the media for our information.

    The media focuses on American dead in an attempt to embarrass and harass George Bush about the Iraq War. Anyone with a brain in their body realizes that there has to be collateral deaths and injuries in war, there's no way around it. It is regrettable, but a fact of war.

    But you've got to remember that a majority of the Iraqi civilians killed in this war have been killed by car-bombs and suicide bombers. Those are NOT the responsibility of the American military, but of the insurgents in the country trying to turn the Iraqis against American soldiers and the new Iraqi government. Those same insurgents also fight from schools when they are in session, from mosques, and from behind the skirts of Iraqi women with their children.

    So lighten up, before we decide that we don't care if YOU live or die!

  • As a Christian nation, we care about everyone. One of the main reasons for us 'invading' Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi people from a cruel and inhumane dictator. I'm very sadden by the fact that Iraqi civilians have died. However, I don't think the U.S military is responsible for the vast majority of these deaths. The internal sect fighting, terrorism,etc...has killed thousands and I mean thousands of innocent people. I pray for the Iraqi people and that stability will come soon.

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    Yes, that's the way it's always reported but this selective reporting applies to disasters as well as wars. When a plane with 200 passengers crashes, the media always states how many Americans and profiles them. If no American lives were lost, the accident gets far less coverage here.

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    It is the same in any war...Americans want to know about the losses of their own people. Families care what happens to their children. If you ask a large number of people in the US what they think, if they answer honestly, they will probably say that American lives are more important than non-American. It's the we are right... they are wrong kinda thinking. The media doesn't help. But in reality each loss of life is a tragedy to someone.

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    NO! every ones life is of same value no matter what race color sexual origin or any other factor. It is how you treat others and live your life that gives your life value. If you chose to go out and shoot someone then it is your own life that has no value. Americans have no advantage over any other countries,has anyone seen the state of America these days? well we don't have jobs we have a president that sucks and the price of gas is so high that it is almost enough to make it not worth going to work because your whole pay check goes for gas to get back and forth to work. we are in a war that we have no business in. America is not the land of the great anymore. the value of a dollar is not worth the paper it is written on anymore so you tell me , if anything Americans are probably becoming jealous of other countries because they have everything we use to have and now don't!

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    All lives are equally precious, but when it comes to the distribution of my own wealth and resources, I take care of my own. Beginning with myself and my family, then extending to my countrymen, and lastly, if there is anything left, to the rest of the world.

    Seeing my resources used to cause death and destruction in countries that have nothing to do with mine makes me want to vomit... moreso when our own young soldiers are killed and dismembered as well.

    Free markets and a policy of TRUE non-intervention (read; don't police the world at ALL until they bring violence here.. then end it, quickly, and by whatever means necessary) are the only ways to save the USA as the great nation she ONCE was. This is the only way to help to bring peace to ALL nations of the world. Live and let live, live and let die.

    Register, vote & LIVE Libertarian!

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    it is not supposed to be a war. in the first gulf war the enemy casualties were flaunted to show our superiority and this was common protocol with all previous wars. this war started in the same vein but since it is supposed to be an occupation/liberation then it would seem that the enemy casualties are due to the occupation and not actually a war. the fact that many who support this war(i am definately not one of those) shrug off earnest attempts to determine true casualty counts because they cannot allow themselves to see that this war was a folly at best and that in their support the killings continue. i feel for the iraqis and their plight, and pray that there is a fast and honorable solution to their problem. for those that say it would be worse if we leave i say give it a chance and see... thanks for your thoughtful question

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    Yep. We value our own above others. That doesn't make other people's lives worthless, it's just that they have their own countrymen to watch out for them.

    Edit for Audrey: Would you mind supporting your statement? As far as I know, none of the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqi, and most of them were Saudi Arabian...

    Here's a list of everyone known to have been involved in those attacks:

    It's important to know that the current war in Iraq has NO CONNECTION to to the 9/11 attacks.

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    It is natural to feel the death of your countrymen more keenly than those of another nation, however, I do understand your point here. It is apparent that the lives of Iraqi civilians mean nothing to Obama as they are the ones who will die by the thousands if we pull out without stabilizing Iraq first.

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    absolutely everyone no rely who they are are purely as efficient because of the fact the subsequent guy or woman is. thinking government strikes must be a precise tremendously if the strikes are questionable. they should not be perceived as anti-American or a traitor yet greater a in touch person for no longer status idly through or silent while they see injustice.

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