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Want to feel comfortable in bikini..HELP?

The only thing I need to work on is my stomach. Im a girl, 15, 5'9, and 147 Ibs. But my stomach is a big problem....I can't really describe it but its not flattering and I cant wear bikins or even feel comfortable in a bathing suit or in tight shirts. I do play sports and eat healthy. Does anyone have any advice on what not to eat and what to eat and any work outs for abbs???? I try running as much as possible cause I heard that helps but when I do sit-ups and pushups they don't work and they kill my back. I have been trying for so long and haven't go any results...PLEASEEE HELP.

if this helps my stomach is 34 1/2 inches

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    First you need to understand that you need to burn the fat over your abdominal muscles to see your tight, toned abs (when/if you have them). After that it depends on exactly what you're eating (you should try to eat mostly lean protein and veggies if you're trying to tone up) and how often (you should try to eat ~5-6 times/day to speed up your metabolism. Now to answer your question:

    To get abs you need a proper balance of good eating, resistance and cardio excercise, and sometimes supplements. You need to add resistance excercise as that is the best way to reduce fat (muscle burns fat/calories) and change body shape.

    Different people hold fat in different places and that last little bit of fat is usually the hardest to lose. There isn't any definitive way to 'spot' reduce body fat but here are some things I have found useful (to get a lean flat stomach and get 'abs'):

    - Do sprint repeats. It's starting to get warm enough to do these outside so that's good. Jog to warm up (~1/2 mile). Then do 8 sets of repeat sprints (start with ~100m and gradually move up to ~200m as you get in better shape). Basically you sprint all out, then slow jog (really slow) back. Repeat 8 times. The first one you want to go only ~3/4 speed since your body will still be warming up. Make sure you stretch afterwards as your hamstrings will be sore the next day (especially after the first time).

    - Resistance training: go for more reps (less weight), try drop sets, try circuit training. All of these are useful for getting more lean(and as a result will burn fat off your abs). Remember the more muscle you build, the more fat you'll burn (and you won't be big and bulky either).

    - Ab ball: do a lot of exercises using one of those ab balls...they work your core in every exercise. You can also do actual ab target exercises (twists, crunches, etc.). Get a trainer at your gym to show you some. Or you can get the CoreSecrets (ball/video) for ~$10-$20 online (just google it)

    - Oblique exercises (twisting). Do a lot of these using the ab ball: sit on the ball hold a 10 lb weight and walk your feet forward. 'Lay down' and with the weigh above you twist to one side-up-pause-twist to the other side. Ensure you're using your obliques to do the work.

    - Lower abs. Do leg lifts (hold weights in your feet, or lay on ball and do them). Leg raises (where you hang in the air and rotate your knees to your chest). Get with a trainer at a gym to show you some new funky ab exercises

    - Improve your nutrition to mostly eat low fat protein (chicken, fish, lean turkey, etc.) and veggies (i.e. broccoli). Mix a little fruit in there for some sweetness. You can also buy whey protein and make whey protein smoothies (2 scoops protein, ice, skim milk - blend - little peanut butter, ripe banana, more ice - blend again: tastes great). Cut out junk food (especially soda, anything loaded with high fructose corn syrup, all sweets, etc.)

    - Start taking a thermogenic fat burner (will burn fat faster when your body temp rises - i.e. working out), ripped fuel, or hydroxycut hardcore before your workouts. This will help provide energy for workouts during your cutting 'diet'. These also help you burn fat and are 'good' supplements to use

    Work hard...have fun...those tone, sexy abs should be showing within a couple months.

    Source(s): Many personal trainer friends, fitness buffs (male and female), and bodybuilder types. Myself, have been training personally for 11+ years
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    OK 4 things here.

    Don't do sit ups. They hurt your back. Instead do crunches. Instead of coming up far enough to make your chin reach your knees just come up half way. It is better for your back.

    Next do leg raises. Lie on our back just like you would do a crunch or sit up but put your legs out straight. Lift them up to about 18 inches.

    Now do jack knives. These can be a bit harsh. Lie on your back as if you are going to do leg raises. Now raise your legs and your upper body at the same time and touch your toes while your legs remain straight.

    Now roll over on your stomach. Raise your upper body up and down. Think of it as doing push ups without using your arms. This is really, really good for the back and is necessary to offset the ab work outs.

    Do some of each of these exercises at moderate rates then do some as slowly as possible. This will create resistance and make your muscles work and burn. You will get the quickest results by including the extremely slow reps in it.

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    The sad truth is, not many people can wear bikinis and look great in them. I learned a long time ago that it just isn't worth trying to get my body to look the way I want - it probably never will. The key is to just accept that you can't change some things no matter how much you diet or exercise. It's important to find things that are flattering for your body and make the most of yourself, rather than trying to change.

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    i used to have the same problem

    i did pilates workout videos for ab sculpting

    and i found different stomach excercises in magazines,

    the internet, etc.

    i tried to do new stomach excercises every opportunity i got.

    and i did 300 crunches at night and 150 in the morning.

    its a little crazy but my stomach is now like 24 inches

    oh yea..try to avoid to many white foods. orange is the best

    color for minimizing the size of your stomach.

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    I'd rather have a nice look and feel myself comfortably in public.

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    just keep doing situps theyll get easier eventually. Just make yourself think your not fat, maybe post a pic of your stomach and ask if they think it looks fat.

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