gettysburg generals?

who were the generals for the union and the confederacy during the battle of gettysburg

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    Here goes with dreaded cut & paste (yes I know for two points I am expected to do a College level Essay just hit the thumbs down button and get on with your life - - - you know who you are!)

    Union Army

    1. Major General George Gordon Meade

    2. Major General John Fulton Reynolds

    3. Brigadier General James Samuel Wadsworth

    4. Brigadier General Solomon Meredith

    5. Major General Abner Doubleday

    6. Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

    7. Brigadier General John C. Caldwell

    8. Colonel Edward E. Cross

    9. Brigadier General Samuel Kosciusko Zook

    10. Brigadier General John Gibbon

    11. Brigadier General Alexander Stewart Webb

    12. Brigadier General Alexander Hays

    13. Colonel Samuel Sprigg Carroll

    14. Colonel George Lamb Willard

    15. Major General Daniel Edgar Sickles

    16. Major General David Bell Birney

    17. Colonel Philippe Regis Denis De Keredern De Trobriand

    18. Brigadier General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys

    19. Major General George Sykes

    20. Brigadier General James Barnes

    21. Colonel Strong Vincent

    22. Brigadier General Romeyn Beck Ayres

    23. Brigadier General Samuel Wylie Crawford

    24. Major General John Sedgwick

    25. Brigadier General Frank Wheaton

    26. Major General Oliver Otis Howard

    27. Brigadier General Francis Channing Barlow

    28. Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa

    29. Major General Carl Schurz

    30. Major General Henry Warner Slocum

    31. Brigadier General Alpheus Starkey Williams

    32. Brigadier General John White Geary

    33. Brigadier General Thomas Leiper Kane

    34. Brigadier General George Sears Greene

    35. Major General Alfred Pleasonton

    36. Brigadier General John Buford

    37. Brigadier General [Hugh] Judson Kilpatrick

    38. Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer

    39. Brigadier General Henry Jackson Hunt


    40. General Robert Edward Lee

    41. Lieutenant General James Longstreet

    42. Major General Lafayette Mclaws

    43. Brigadier General Joseph Brevard Kershaw

    44. Brigadier General William Barksdale

    45. Major General John Bell Hood

    46. Brigadier General Jerome Bonaparte Robertson

    47. Major General George Edward Pickett

    48. Brigadier General Lewis Addison Armistead

    49. Lieutenant General Richard Stoddert Ewell

    50. Major General Jubal Anderson Early

    51. Brigadier General John Brown Gordon

    52. Brigadier General William "Extra Billy" Smith

    53. Major General Edward Johnson

    54. Major General Robert Emmett Rodes

    55. Brigadier General Stephen Dodson Ramseur

    56. Brigadier General Alfred Iverson, Jr.

    57. Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill

    58. Major General Richard Heron Anderson

    59. Brigadier General Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox

    60. Brigadier General William Mahone

    61. Major General William Dorsey Pender

    62. Major General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble

    63. Major General Henry Heth

    64. Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew

    65. Brigadier General James Jay Archer

    66. Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart

    67. Brigadier General Wade Hampton

    68. Brigadier General Albert Gallatin Jenkins

    69. Brigadier General William Nelson Pendleton


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    I have visited Gettysburg. It takes your breath away when you consider how many Americans died their both North and South. Like the first person said - Google. Gettysburg has a full museum which should be able to help with the listing of generals from both side. The Gettysburg Preservation Trust or something similiar should be listed as well. Another good source of info.

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    Just go to Google and type in 'Gettysburg.' It will tell you more than you want to know.

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    Who cares that much / war is dangerous and violent / there is an old saying it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt

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      Don't get me wrong @ I'm not saying not to care about people getting hurt or killed i am just saying war is often justified and glorified when really it's just terrifying and people get hurt mentally and or physically and sometimes even pass away

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    So many Generals are maintaining union and as well as confederacy during the battle

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