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VB6 Login to websites w/ Inet?

how can i log into a site like gaiaonline through Inet controls?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Start a new VB6 project. Add the Microsoft Internet Controls to your project. Place a command button and a webbrowser control on your form. Name the webbrowser control wb. Add this code to the command button, for example, to login to gmail:

    wb.Navigate2 ("")/

    While wb.ReadyState <> 4



    wb.Document.All("Email").Value = ""

    wb.Document.All("Passwd").Value = "P4$$w0rd"


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    5 years ago

    My VB forte lies in .asp, even regardless of the actuality that its fantastically a lot an same as VB6, i will't quite bear in mind if it helps consultation Variables. you're able to do some thing like this: i assume you're querying a username/password from a database, or maybe you've one unmarried username/password problematic coded into the source code. If from a database, then: If recordset1.eof Then consultation("logincounter") = consultation("logincounter") + a million end If If consultation("logincounter") = 3 Then go out

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