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How do you know when your a vampire?

OK so I'm pretty convinced that vampires are real and that you cant become one but how do you know if your one? When will you be able to tell?

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    Vampires as they appear in mythology do not exist. The undead creatures who cannot go out ion the sun or cross rushing water, who have no reflection--those are merely folklore.

    There are vampires who have a sort of energy or prana leak, where they can't keep energy in the same way as normal people. Some ingest it through blood, which are called Sanguinarians, and some absorb it from people or living things, these are called Psi or Psychic vampires. A person who can feed either way is called a hybrid.

    Awakening, the process in which you realise your a vampire, is very personal, and varies from person to person, but generally includes things like migraines, dizziness, obsessive thoughts about blood if you're a Sang, and accidentally draining those around you if you're a Psi. UV light generally causes problems, such as sun poisoning and extreme sunburns. (I can't go outside for more than 15 minutes without spf 45 or higher on, or I get sun blisters) and have issues with fluorescent lights as well. Like I said, it's different for everyone, but every vamp will tell you to go to a doctor and get normal explanations ruled out FIRST, without mentioning the word "vampire."

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    When it burns when you go into the sunlight, you feel no pain (other than sunlight due to your advanced healing powers), love, or happiness. The only feeling you have is a hunger for blood. If your a vampire you'll know.

    However there is another form of vampire less known to the outside world. These are called ora vampires, they feed on the the "ora" that surrounds all of us. Just being around them casues a victim to feel fatigued and drained but over time they will recover. Reguardless of how many times a person is "harvested" they can never become an ora vampire themself. The ora vampire is said to be human in every aspect except for the need to be around others. Many do not even know they are vampires, all they know is for one reason or another they feel better around people.

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    Vampires are not real, but you can sometimes feel like one. When you become I believe you have a thirst for blood and adventure. I believe you'll do crazy things and become really strong and fast. Almost like a person who is very athletic but better. Sorry to tell you this but vampires are not real. If you like vampires so much read the twilight series and stuff. If you believe that your a vampire go ahead and believe. Hope this helped you!!!

  • When the smell of raw meat gives you a "woody" or if you are female it makes you excited. Your reflection in the mirror becomes transparent. Usually you know as soon as puberty kicks in, everything begins to change for you. Your canine teeth will become more pronounced in the evenings. You will be very restless at night and may have trouble sleeping. Sleeping during the daylight hours is more convertible. It does not need to be completely dark in a room for you to sleep.

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    When you catch fire in sunlight or when exposed to a crucifix. Or you could try turning into a bat or other animal, a well known vampire talent!

    I would advise, though, that you not jump off of anything in an attempt to fly. This has been known to have dire consequences!

    Because, you know, vampires are mythical!

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    you won't. Vampires in the true sense of the word don't exist.

    Some people think they are vampires, and drink blood. These people have a perceived, not physiologic need. It's all in the mind.

    The idea of vampires dates back to the middle ages. It is based on a group of diseases that are fairly rare.. the porphyrias.

    It is a bad idea to start drinking blood. You can contract many bloodborne diseases including but not limited to HIV and Hepatitis.

    Source(s): Medical school
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    First of all, the idea of vampires being real is the dumbest idea I've heard in a long time. However, if you were a vampire, you would be allergic to UV rays.

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    yeah vampires are real. Trust me i know, but in order to become one u have to be biten by one, yes i know i hate to admitt it but those stupid so called fiction books are right, u need to get biten yet not killed

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    1. you cant go outside in light/sunshine

    2 your afraid to look at garlic

    3. look in a mirror-if u cant see your yourself, your one.

    4. if you walk by a church, your skin turns black. for 1 day

    4. if you say Jesus Christ real fast 3 times while standing on 1 leg, you will become extremly cold, then get real hot immeadiatly.

    5. if you see a white dog, you will temporarly turn green.

    6. you drink iced blood lattes without whipped cream-with w.c. you are not a real vampire

    Source(s): the North American vampires manual, volume 1, Chapter 6
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    When you start getting an insane desire for

    the juice of the raspberries, because it looks like blood!!

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