Translation into English: deze film zou ik graag helemaal hebben heb ik vroeger gezien wie kan mij helpen.?

Thank you in advance.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's Dutch.

    It's a scentence with bad interpunction, or none, to be exact.

    deze film zou ik graag helemaal hebben = "I'd love to have/own this film"

    heb ik vroeger gezien = "I've seen it before"

    wie kan mij helpen = "Who can help me?"

    To the people who try to translate Dutch with an online translator: Please don't. Most of the times, the words that come out don't make sense and are sometimes even wrong. Especially with scentences like this, which are written in a 'bad grammar Dutch'.

    Source(s): I'm bilingual English & Dutch
  • 1 decade ago

    It is dutch and it means:

    'This film I gladly entirely will have I has in former days seen who can help me'.

    Glad and hope I've helped! ♥

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