Detox? My friend, a Chiropractor, recommended I do a detox...?

...'cause I'm having a hard time losing weight. I took hormones a few years ago while trying to have a baby. She thinks that my liver's still holding on to those hormones and that's why I'm having so much trouble losing weight. Any ideas for detox with stuff I may already have in my home or things I can pick up at the store? I'm a stay-at-home mom (the hormone therapy worked!) and haven't got extra $$$ for her detox program. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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    Eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably raw. Drink plenty of water, take some psyllium and liquid bentonite clay and purchase one or two herbal tinctures or purchase bulk herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, schizandra, burdock, yellow dock(these last two clean the blood and are good for the skin). The milk thistle, dandelion, and schizandra are good for liver and kidneys. Pick a couple, one for liver health and one for the blood. i would recommend milk thistle for the liver helps metabolize hormones.

    There are obviously mixed opinions on this when you do a detox you feel so much better afterwards, but the key is to not to start the bad habits that do not benefit you such as a junk food diet; sodas, candy, and too much red meat all that junk tears the body down and your liver and kidney organs function is to filter those toxins. Herbs when used effectively under proper supervision help cleanse and bring balance to the body.

    It seems obvious that you believe in alternative medicine so i would consult with your chiropractor or a naturopath for more recommendations.

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    You may like to visit your local health food store. There are many products designed for this purpose. I know that milk thistle is an herb that supports the liver but not sure if that is what you need.

    The average Chiropractor has as much nutritional training in their educational plan as the average doctor. The requirement for a doctor is one or two nutrition classes. The main focus of their training is drugs and surgery. Many Chiropractors persue additional nutritional study as they have an interest in how lifestyle choices effect the body. I would not hesitate to discuss this with a Chiropractor. If you are uncertain then I would follow up with a nutritionist or Naturopath.

    Meanwhile I am sure you can read books, look on the internet or visit your local health food store for information about liver cleansing.

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    Toxins do not build up in the body, and your liver does not hang onto hormones. Heavy metals build up but there is nothing you can do about that except avoid them (like not eating large sharks as they are high in mercury). This will not be affecting your weight.

    Your kidneys and liver naturally detox you on a daily basis. You can see this effect when medication wears off or you sober up after drinking alcohol. Or after you take a B vitamin supplement how you wee goes bright yellow. This is the natural detox process. No diet will help this.

    Detoxes aren't generally harmful but they can give the impression that you can eat whatever you want 90% of the time and detox the other 10% and you will clean out your body and be healthy. But this is not how it works. You need to eat well all the time.

    Losing post baby weight can be extremely difficult and can take a year or two. Weight loss is slow (0.5kg a week 1kg if you are very overweight). And unfortunately detoxing will not help.

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    A chiropractor isn't qualified to discuss things like detoxification in general or the functioning of your liver in particular. She has no way of knowing if the hormone treatment caused weight gain or if there are hormones in your liver. She is way outside of the bounds of acceptable practice here. It sounds like she's pushing some quack program. Thankfully you couldn't afford it.

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    Colonix along with toxinout by DR Natura did wonders for me.....i know you are looking for something cheap but these products worked well for me, another product that works well is la liver pill by dr sandra cabot i cant remember the name of the product but they are available on line

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