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Why in the world would Aaron Ramsey choose Arsenal?

Honestly, if not United at least go to Everton, lad. Everton will offer of the possibilty of first-team football. Ramsey can become a better player at Everton. Look at all the young stars they've produced.

Now let's look at the last time Wenger raided a Championship club for an exciting young prospect... Remember this wonder-kid called Theo Walcott? Yes, the same lad who is rotting away on the Arsenal bench twiddling his thumbs.

Arsenal are also a disgrace to English football... an average of .38 English players in their starting eleven last season! Disgraceful! Not to mention, they are falling apart... all their best players are set to leave this summer..

Why not join Everton, a team on the rise? Everton will probably finish ahead of Arsenal next season also!

Or take the smartest option and join United... the English and European champions! Then we can loan you back out for more experience.

Bad choice, Aaron Ramsey

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    Wenger has probably filled him with his now famous promises, maybe he hasn't heard about the famous Wenger excuses, i am sure he will regret the decision, poor lad has certainly been misguided by someone. take care and good luck.

  • haha. thats laughable, if he'd went to united, he'd have got very close to a starting role, and then lose it to some big money signing. Its what United do, take David Healy and Keiran Richardson. Ben Foster will be exactly the same. Everton are looking up, but theyre not on the same level as United and Arsenal, its natural he'd reject them, money does talk. Theo Walcott is not rotting on the Arsenal bench, he was given the opportunities to prove himself, and now that hes started to take them, now he can hope for a more prominent role next season. Take your approach, then Nani is rotting away on the United bench, think before you speak. As for Arsenal's vastly foreign team, it makes sense, English players are usually over-rated and over-priced, because there seems to be a lack of them. take Ashley Cole, hugely overrated, and nowhere near as good as Evra or Clichy, but is paid more. Micah Richards, £20 million? No way.

    I thought Ramsey would have joined United, with them being champions of England and Europe, Everton was always going to be a dark horse, but I don't think a move to Arsenal will do any harm, he'll probably go out on loan next season anyway.

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    Hmmmmmmm lets see.........Out of those three teams who caters most to young talent? Arsenal do

    Which young talents have emerged from the arsenal ranks I believe Anelka, Viera, Fabregas, Henry, Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Clichy, Flamini, Ashley Cole and the list goes on.

    Remember people Theo Walcott has just turned 19!!!!! He was injured for the most of last year which stunted his development but towards the end of the past season he was not only making star appearances against AC Milan in the Champions League but he was starting matches. And I believe that he was also called up to the England squad for the past friendlies and I don't believe that there was a teenager from Man Utd or Everton in that squad.

    And you say he's a flop?

    Ramsey chose Arsenal because Arsene Wenger obviously gave him and the best plan outlines for his career at the club. Ferguson didn't even respect Ramsey enough to meet him in person.

    Most importantly, Arsenal is definitely the right choice as it suits Ramseys playing style ideally as he plays a quick pass and move game.

    Its funny and a little ironic that as an obvious Man U fan your talking about our best players leaving. We can replace Flamini and Hleb. But can you replace Ronaldo?

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    Walcott's doing alright at Arsenal Bentley, Sidwell both wanted to leave when they were too young to play regular football, and Pennant was just not good enough for us It's the same old excuse about us, that we don't blood young Englishmen... truth is Upson never took his chance, through bad luck and poor form, Bentley was a long term plan but wanted first team action, Sidwell was not good enough, but Reading pushed him on, he's still not Arsenal quality - look at Richard Wright and Francis Jeffers, a lot of these English players are just plain sh1t why would he want to join? becuase we have a rich recent tradition of developing young stars, from Flamini, Fabregas, Van Persie, Toure, etc etc the list is long Liverpool ruin good players, Chelsea let them rot ... and only Arsenal and Utd can get anything out of them, Arsenal would be a great bet - Wenger makes great players out of good talent, and world class players out of great talent ... look how he's taken so many players to levels they never thought possible EDIT: Eboue is sh1t. He's useless ... Walcott's getting a lot of minutes in. Why would he choose Arsenal? I mean, come on ... that kind of answers itself why a young teenage kid would want to move to one of the top clubs in Europe

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    I agree with you, i think he went to Arsenal because he knows how good they are with young players, but i doubt he will get very much 1st team football. Maybe Wenger will use him as a sub in the carling cup?

    I think he will regret his decision.

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    ,Perhaps because Wenger has a better record naturing young talent, notice how you selected only Theo as an example what about Clichy Cesc and most of the youngsters that play in the CC, we were called a young inexperienced team because of playing the youngsters but somehow you missed that out.. is it sour grapes that just like Ronaldo he doesn't want to be at your club, get over it you normally buy them when their ready made stars and 20 million plus, perhaps we'll sell him to you one day. at of interest post the 99 team what youngsters have you produced that are world class? you won't use too many fingers in counting them.

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    If all Arsenal's best players do leave this summer, don't you think that will give him more first team football? I think it just may be a question he has asked himself.

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    He apparently picked them cus they offered better cash, but delusional Arsenal fans would like to tell themselves he chose them because of Wenger's track record

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    I totally agree with you,



    Rodwell etc,

    but good luck to the lad.

    I thought Dave Jones was a blue, doesn't seem that way to me.

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    Arsenal is on the rise, Everton on the decline.

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