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what is a school I can go to,to become a wedding planner after i graduate that is in california?

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    Professional Certification

    Wedding consultants need many of the same business skills that other professionals routinely acquire at universities and colleges. These are skills they use every day for project management, personnel administration, financial planning, even logistics. That's why, over the years, the wedding consultant industry has created its own professional certification and training programs.

    Here are some of the programs available:

    Founded in 1981, the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) is an international trade association with 2,400 members worldwide. It offers members three professional designations (these are not certifications): Professional Bridal Consultant, Accredited Bridal Consultant and Master Bridal Consultant. It takes at least six years to reach the senior level.

    Training begins with a five-part home study program with coursework in etiquette, sales, marketing, the wedding day, related services, planning and consulting. The cost of the five-part program is $340; it's also possible to take each course individually at a cost of $85 apiece (plus $90 for the start-up manual). Membership dues are $215 annually (with a $30 one-time application fee), although most new consultants can qualify for the $140 novice rate.

    Based in San Jose, California, the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC) offers a personalized five-day course and a home correspondence course. The personalized course is presented by certified instructors and is held three times a year in Los Gatos and West Hollywood, California, and in Atlanta, while the home study program is self-directed. The program covers everything from setting up a wedding consulting business to specifics like selecting vendors and proper wedding protocol. The fee is $795 for the five-day program or $650 for the home study program. You become eligible for membership in the organization after successful completion of one of the programs.

    ACPWC certification is awarded after completing the coursework, working for two years as a consultant, coordinating 12 weddings and obtaining 14 letters of recommendation. A certification project is also required.

    June Wedding Inc., an association for event professionals, is a Las Vegas-based organization that awards the "JWIC" (June Wedding Inc. Certification) to consultants who complete the two-part JWI Consultant Training & Certification Home Study Course. The home study components include "Designing and Running a Successful Wedding Consultant/Event Coordination Company," and "Continuing Education for the Advanced Wedding Consultant." The tuition for each seminar is $1,000. Annual JWI dues are $150 for small businesses/sole proprietors.

    "We've done surveys that show that wedding consultants who are formally trained and certified can get higher fees from the onset of their business if they're professional and know what they're doing," says Robbi Ernst, founder of JWI.

    The National Bridal Association is an organization of more than 1,200 independently owned businesses, including wedding consultants. It offers the Weddings Beautiful Worldwide home-study training program for consultants who are interested in starting a business or who wish to augment their knowledge. The program consists of 18 specialized assignments. Upon completion of the coursework, students receive a certified wedding specialist certificate. The course costs $495 and includes review and grading of assignments by a Weddings Beautiful specialist.

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