Lets talk about what does go on in the humane shelters for animals!!!?

I was reading a answer by another member, don't know if allowed to mention her begins with an A

Anyway I was appauled by the information I read! I have always thought the animals that were destroyed were just given a shot and put to sleep! What I read sounded more like Hitler's gas chambers! More information please!! Not trying to make anyone sick here!! I am posting this question in 2 places, Poetry , where I heard a partial answer to this then I will post it in Pets!

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    Some shelters euthanize using the "shot" method like a veterinarian.

    Many shelters, particularly in rural areas, use other methods of euthanasia. This can include:

    Gas chambers/rooms where a bunch of animals are put in all at once and gassed (yes, very Hitler-like)

    Heartstick where an electric device similar to a cattle prod is used to shock them into death

    Shooting. Pretty self explanatory. Basically, it's cheaper to buy bullets than the chemicals used in humane euthanasia.

    Some shelters don't even euthanize animals, they just sell them to labs for experiments. Then they go to the city council and brag about how the shelter makes money for the city.

    It's sad but that's the way it is. Animals are treated like property and disposed of in the cheapest, easiest manner possible.

    Until people start spaying and neutering their pets and taking responsibility for said pets, these things will continue.

    Source(s): Rescue volunteer
  • Ali
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    Gas chambers an shoooting are very common, because it is so much cheaper then the shots. Obviously no-kill shelters are WAY better. At my shelter, we only put the animal down if it has no chance of surriving, and that is what the vet reccomends (which is very rare, probably 5 in the entire year).

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    Actually, some shelter do use gas chambers, but most euthanize using the shots. Here in Georgia we actually had a shelter that was given a dead line to stop using its gas chamber because they were outlawed here. Other state may still allow them, but I'm not sure on that.

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    I hate to scare you sweetie, but my sister worked at an animal clinic and it's not just the shelters, a local animal vet around here, they put the animals in this room and back a car into the room she said it sometimes take minutes but others it takes hours. I think the humans should be shot at minimal. I hate how this world is sometimes..

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  • Anonymous
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    I never heard anything about the gas chambers but my mom does animal rescue she was on the news for it a few times but dont listen to the humane society when they say they no longer put down its bs they still do uthinize animals they lie to the public

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    My sister has told me the same thing. I just can't believe it because of how mean it is. She said Its cheaper that giving them a shot. Also hard to believe. She also said theres a youtube video. I haven't watched it and never will because thats just so wrong. Up to you though. I hope they really don't do this to animals. It goes against their name "Humane shelter", Should be more like "inhumane shelter".

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    Honestly, I think you are trolling.

    Have you ever actually been to a Humane Shelter?

    I work at one about 10 hours a week, and you are sadly mistaken making that accusation about all of us.

    You do realize many of us are non-kill, right? Right?

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    There is much art and poetry on industrial slaughter. Start with Upton Sinclair.

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