How much % will be taken as PF?How much company will pay on behalf of our PF?

Can u explain me in detail?My company is not taking any PF?What is the Difference between Company PF& Public Provident fund?

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    1 decade ago
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    Company PF is what the company pays as PF for you and the PF account is opened with the EPF Office at your location of work. When you switch from one company to another, you can transfer this account to the new one at the new place.

    PPF on the other hand is what you pay out of your own interest to any PPF account - this can be opened in any Nationalised bank anywhere in India; there is no problem with transfers here since the account is yours and opened by you. Here the Company does not pay anything.

    Company deducts PF at 12% of (Basic+DA) from your contribution and about 8.33% of the same (Basic+DA) as its contribution and remaining 3.67% towards Pension.

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