potomac boating?

what r some of the basic laws for boating and jetskiing on the potomac river

such as how old u have to be,what type of license do u need and where do u get it, can u rent a boat or jetski without a license

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    The Potomac is a rather long river and if you'd give more info on where you'd be on the water it would help.

    Basic laws for boating and jet skiing? There are too many to cover here and it is strongly suggested that before venturing out that a Power Squadron or USCG course be taken so that a good understanding of the rules of the road are understood.

    If you plan on doing any boating above the Woodrow Wilson Bridge you are required by DC law to have successfully completed a safety course and have the certificate with you. Additionally, vessels should receive an annual USCG safety inspection to let all know that the vessel has been checked.

    Virginia law requires that PWC operators be 16 years of age unless accompanied by someone older. If you plan on pulling a skier or tuber best have a 3 person ski plus a spotter. Maryland law is no different.

    There are no places along or near the Occoquan River that rent boats. At one point in time Tim's Rivershore Crabhouse did read jet skis but it is not known if Tim is still offering these. You can get their number by going to www.timsrivershore.com. It is expected though that one would have to be of legal age to enter into a contractual rental agreement.

    As for a boating license at this time none is required on the Potomac. If operating a vessel (boat or PWC) you should always carry a form of ID that shows your name, address and age.

    Good luck...have fun if you get on the water and remember to boat safely so you can come back and do it again and again!

    Source(s): 20+ years of boating the Potomac from DC to the Chesapeake Bay
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    Much of the Potomac in the DC area is a 6 mph. speed limit.

    I'm not sure where your thinking of using it but the water is mostly Maryland waters, so their laws apply. Check out the DNR web site. I don't know of any rentals but there might be down around the occoquan bay.

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