Menstuation problem.. took regestrone(5mg) tablet for 14 days (1 tablet each day) instead of 10days?

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I am 21 years now and i am having irregular periods , so i consulted an gynecologists and she prescribed me a course of REGESTRONE(5mg) tablets , one tablet each days for 10days more
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Regestrone is Norethistrone (Progestin) used for induction of menstruation or for regular menstruation in anovulatory cycle. At dose prescibed to you it is as such safe with occasional breast tenderness or pain, nausea abdominal bloating. There is no big issue for worry if u take it for 5-7 extra days. But dont miss two or more doses in row. Bleeding starts withing two days of stoping Registrone.
Hope this help you
Medical Student
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