Can Inderal (propanolol Hydrochloride) be used to treat both essential tremor and hypertension?

The doctor has prescribed Inderal 40mg once a day as a medication both for essential tremor and hypertension (for which I was taking another medicine). Does this mean that i will have to take this medication forever or it can be withdrawn after some time. What can be the side effects.

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    The side effects of Inderal are: bradycardia (slow heart rate), paresthesia (numbness) of hands, light-headedness, insomnia, weakness, nausea, vomiting.

    The length of your treatment may depend on how you respond to the medication. For hypertension cases, blood pressure may decrease after 2 to 4 weeks after initial treatment. Constant monitoring of your BP is needed. For essential tremor, individualized dosage are done. The iniital dose is 80mg daily in divided doses. It may be increased to 120-160mg for optimal effects. If the patient does not respond with this optimal dose, further increase in dosage will produce no therapeutic effect.

    Never stop the medications without your Doctor's knowledge and consent. Don't stop the medication abruptly and your physician should taper you off from these drugs.

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    Hi Sarah

    Yes it can be used for both. Propanolol (or Inderal) is a beta blocker drug and will work well for both tremor and for high blood pressure - although in general, beta blockers are used less often now for high blood pressure than they were previously.

    How long you need to take it will vary depending on your response and on what happens in years to come if your doctor tries to reduce the dose.

    Side effects of beta blockers include fatigue and vivid dreams - although many of those who take them get no side effects at all.

    Hope that helps


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