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How to take care of african frogs?

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    I'm assuming you mean african clawed frogs. ACFs are kept in a tank (no less than 10 gallons-females can reach 8") filled to withing ~3-4" of the top with no land areas-these are completely aquatic frogs. You also need a screen top with clips to keep it in place as they are strong swimmers and will jump out of the water and dislodge the top. I used gravel on the bottom of the tank but other people say not to as they could break the glass when kicking. Sand would be safer. Tank should be cleaned (full water change) weekly or more often if dirty-make sure the water has been declorinated like you would for fish. I never used a heater for my frogs, nor did the person I got them from (they were about 14 years old at the time) but if temperatures in the house drop below 70 it would be a good idea to get one of those special heaters marketed for turtles so they couldn't burn themselves.

    Smaller frogs should be fed daily what they can consume in 15-20 minutes, larger adults (2+") can be fed every other day. Reptomin floating sticks (usually labeled for aquatic turtles) works pretty well, the pair I had had only been fed that and occasional small bits of raw hamburg (bad idea) and lived until they were about 17-20 years old. A more varied diet would be better with feeder guppies and rosy red minnows supplementing the reptomin. Goldfish would not be advisable as they often carry parasites and will poison turtles although I'm not sure if they'd eventually poison the frogs.

    Do not keep fish with the frogs unless you're willing to see them eaten. ACFs will consume fish as large as they are even if it chokes them.

    Handling ACFs is not a good idea and should be avoided whenever possible as you could damage their slime coating. You could use an aquarium net for the smaller frogs when cleaning the tank but that doesn't work for the larger ones, especially the older females. Handling one of those takes a massive amount of practice and patience...there's a reason for them being called "clawed" and those hind claws can hurt...

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    The a million.5 gallons could be ok, however the extra area, the extra helpful. i could feed blood worms to them, and that i additionally got here across it useful to get an aquarium tweezers to feed them with (you will get them interior the reptile component of a puppy shop, which incorporate puppy clever). you may pick issues interior the tank like gravel, a clear out, flora, a cave(mine love their cave! lol), and a heater if it gets chilly. Feed them another day or so and chang the water each and every a million-a million.5 months. make optimistic that they have a lid to the tank, yet some air holes so they are in a position to respire in any different case they could leap out. in case you pick some companions, i could propose a minimum of a 2.5 gallon. some fish are a betta, guppies, and tetras. Snails are ok besides, and the frogs get alongside with one yet another. i'm hoping this helps!

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