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Any good workout tips for men?

I need workout tips that I can use at home and that works.

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    eat healthy. consume a little more protein (meat) than usual. Work out helps but working out is about your body fat percentage. Eating healthy is the main thing, then work out. Two strengths when combined, result in that figure your looking for. When you work out don't do the same routine work out everyday. alternate between 3 days and do different things each of the three days. like Monday do crunches, Tuesday sit ups, Wednesday go for a run. then Thursday go back to crunches. You can do more than one thing a day certainly but don't do the exact same workout everyday. Your body gets use to it. Mix things up. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eggs, bacon, milk, orange juice. that sort of thing. Just combine eating healthy with work out and you should see results in the first few days.

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    in case you don't be attentive to the fundamentals, here they're: capability instruction: Heavy weights, decrease reps Muscle development: Heavy weights, between 8-10 reps no extra effective than 3 minutes. relax between instruments. Creatine for explosive capability and muscle strengthen/restoration. Consistency and a solid weight loss software (besides as your little ones, you fortunate *******) will deliver you solid outcomes.

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    Work hard, play harder.

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