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a mother bird died and all of her babies died but one. what do i do?!?

an eastern fly catcher has been having babies in the same nest at my house for years. but the other day she got hung by a horse hair from her nest and died. her babies hatched the same day. i thought the dad would take care of them cause the kind of bird but he hasn't. all the babies have died but one. he has no feathers and his eyes are shut. im trying to keep him warm but im not sure how. i dont know what to feed it either. since he was probably starving and needed to get hydrated i took some hamburger meat and smashed it up with warm water and gave it very tiny drops of the water. please help!

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    Do not feed hamburger, milk or attempt to force any food or water.

    Please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. There are thousands in the US.

    Check this link for listings:


    Rehabilitation is regulated by the Federal government and State DNR depts. Services are free to the public, as all native wild birds are protected by federal law.

    There are several sites with listing of rehabbers, although the easiest way to find one is to search Yahoo! or Google for "wildlife rehabilitation + your state (full and abbreviated)". Also search on "DNR rehabilitation + your state".

    You may be able to find a contact for a nearby rehabber through your local humane society, animal shelter, or police department.

    Links are also available on these sites:





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  • It's likely that the father bird is feeding mother, and she is then feeding the babies (some species vary regarding feeding order and habits) which is why he's not directly feeding the offspring.

    Keep the baby warm - a heating pad under a towel works nicely.

    Call your state wildlife office, often called "Department of Natural Resources" or something like that in most states. Ask them for phone numbers of WILDLIFE REHABILITATORS nearest you, and indicate you have a baby bird needing immediate care. When you call, please indicate you have a baby bird, as the study, licensing and ability of rehabilitators vary widely; some can treat birds, some cannot.

    Do NOT offer milk.

    Do NOT offer bread.

    Do NOT put the animal in the oven "at the lowest setting."

    Do NOT attempt to force feed by pushing insects down the baby's throat hoping it will swallow - it will choke.

    All of these things will kill an infant bird!

    You can to offer very tiny bits of moist catfood, though you risk inducing aspiration in the bird if you've not had experience feeding before. The best thing is to keep baby warm and connect with a rehabilitator immediately.

    Unless an animal shelter or organization like the SPCA works with wildlife conservation officers or rehabilitators and knows their contact information, they cannot help you and will not accept wildlife.

    Trying to rear a baby bird at that age is a challenge for even the most experience wildlife rehabilitator (nurse); please allow them to try, though. Below is an Audubon Society link to help you find one.

    Hope the baby makes it!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well first that it very nuturing of you to attempt to save the bird. OK what you should do is use a search engine to contact a bird rescue. They will either be able to take the bird for you, or give you advice and proper procedure to feed it. Do you have a cage setup? I would recommend a shoebox, it's dark and quiet and would help keep it warm if you placed a towel and maybe some kleenex in there for a nest. For the most part the bird is too young to eat, so an eye dropper is really god for feeding. But not too much at once, as the baby may choke. Good Luck!!!

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  • 3 years ago

    Your mom made a bad decision, fairly at night whilst toddler birds would desire to be settled below their mothers for heat temperature. Feeding occurs lots in the previous and their became no choose on your mom to do what she did. Now you could stay with the implications and permit the mummy chook to come returned back which she wont do while you're all nevertheless interior the area and watching. circulate to mattress and desire shes back via morning. ' next time instruct yourselves approximately what's powerful and what isnt in terms of untamed birds and their nests and feeding conduct......and leave issues on my own.

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    Dear your best bet and the best chance for this baby is get it to Wildlife as soon as you can.

    These birds are insect eaters and they need more than just protien in their diet. Please do this baby a favor and get it to someone who can care for it the right way.

    You shouldn't give him water you take the chance of it going into his lungs which will kill him.

    You are doing a great thing by trying to save his life now do the right thing and get him to the Wildlife.

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  • ok NO MORE HAMBURGER MEAT!!!!! You can google the internet and figure out what kinds of food to feed it but the best thing to do is go to a pet store that sells bird (especially on that sells exoctic birds and hopefully someone who breeds them) You need to go an get a suringe and baby bird food. IT gives them all the food and water the bird will need. and not hurt its digestive track, the meat your giving the bird are not part of its diet.. you could smash worms up till its a watery paste and feed it that till you get to the store and buy the baby food.

    Source(s): I got a monks bird very young and had to hand feed it with a suringe and baby bird food.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Call a bird rescue there are tons of em...if you are going to keep it then feed it living meal worms when its old enough and for now crush them up...give it water with a dropper. Keep a heat lamp not on it but on a blanket then make a nest with the blanket alternate blankets. It will be a tough job.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Find out what they eat. Bugs or worms? whatever it is mush it up to feed the bird. the baby has likely never had straight water as it gets it liquid from its food. You may try putting awashcloth partially over the nest to keep it a little warmer or bring the baby inside.

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  • Anonymous
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    Look in the yellow pages for a wildlife conservation near you.

    Or call an animal hospital. They might have suggestions on what to do or who to call.

    Some agencies take in certain kinds of birds

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  • Bridey
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    Read this. It explains everything that I've ever heard of when caring for baby birds. Also, you may consider calling your local Wildlife office. They are experienced in caring for orphaned animals.


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