Anyone from san antonio tx spacing baby vaccines?

HELP,,,I am trying to find a vaccine friendly doctor, cause i got kicked out of my baby's dr. for wanting to space the vaccines.

please, people who don't believe in spacing vaccines, respect my beliefs.


please the person who asks why, i don't want to answer that, I encourge you to do your own research , thanks anyways

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    The doctors HAVE to honor your wishes with vaccines. Why did the doctor kick you out? Really that's not something they can do.

    I'm assuming you were going to a pediatrician, right? Try looking at taking your baby to a family doctor instead. Since they don't deal with children and vaccines all day long they may be more willing to work with you. The family doctors here don't actually give vaccinations, either. For that babies are taken to the local district health department. It's pretty laid back at the health departments and don't push a whole lot. Telling them that we discussed it with our doctor is always sufficient.

    If you want you can fight being kicked out of your pediatrician's office, just for the principle of it. Either way, finding a doctor that isn't always bombarded with babies and vaccines may help in your situation. Also remember to counsel WITH your doctor about the best way to space them instead of just telling your doctor how you want them spaced. Even though you'll end up with the same vaccination schedule, your doctor will feel better because he will feel like he helped you get to that decision instead of being told what to do. Good luck!

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    How could they kick you out for spacing vaccines? That is awful, and you should definately find someone to complain to!! It is you right as a parent to decide what chemicals can be injected into your baby's body. Afterall, you will have to deal with the consequences 24 hours a day, not the doctor. I space my son's shots out, but I live in Virginia. My pediarician and the nurse who was there thought I was crazy for not wanting my son to get all the shots. But when I explained that he would be getting them, just in a different order that traditionally expected, the ped sat down with me and we made a schedule that eased my worries and made her confident that my son was protected. Seriously, it's great that you stood up for your baby and your principles. Alot of people would have backed down!! Good luck on your quest, but I you should really complain about the way you and your child were treated by that doctor!!!

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    While I am not from Texas (I'm from Arkansas, so not TOO far away) I have spaced my daughter's vaccines to a point. She is 18 months, and hasn't had the MRR, the Chickenpox shot, or Hep A yet. These were all ones that were offered to her at a her one year appointment. At her next check-up, I plan on giving her the Chicken Pox and Hep A, but will wait a tad longer on the MMR.

    Just call some local doctors and ask what their policy is on delayed vaccines. It shouldn't be to hard to weed out the doctors you *don't* want.

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    Why don't you ask for a list of providers from your insurance company. That way you can call each doctor and ask them? Also you may want to use certain brand names as well. I am actually calling doctors today to find one who uses the brand Daptacel for the DTaP vaccine.

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    Your doctor kicked you out for wanting to space the vaccines?? There is nothing wrong with that-I've been doing it with my son, and my doctor has been fine with it. I would consider complaining to a supervisor there.

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