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What can you do to escape the blackness of the world?

I mean aside from total mind-numbing drugs and "finding God?"

since "finding God," really doesn't do all that much, God doesn't pay bills, fix your car, or make life work out for you?

What do you do when you're sick of all the corruption, government, high gas prices, people sucking, all that other fun stuff?

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    I know how ya feel. In the army we had a saying "Don't let the beggars get ya down". Corruption in government usually doesn't effect you on a personal level. Gas prices, just change your lifestyle a little to save money. People sucking, well, quit watching the news and start watching people. You'll find they're a pretty good lot in general.

    For the rest of it, well some is necessary to survive, but some things you can let go. The more you let go, the freer you will be. When you start feeling overwhelmed by 'the blackness', turn on the light. There is always something good that can be seen. Watch a bird in your backyard. Go to a park and watch the children laugh and play. Remember what that was like and let that feeling turn the light on inside you. You're right, you don't need chemical or spiritual crutches. You have the power within yourself to light your own way through the blackness. A single candle is all it takes.

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    Go to where the light is.Your problem is that you have not

    found Him yet.Life is not hard,it's easy.It's hard when you

    don't have solutions to the problems therein.

    Read Matt.11 v 28-30 you will find your answer there.

    The world is coming to the cross-roads of direction

    in life.Be prepared to choose only one.

    There will be no excuse,no negotiations and no waiting time

    of preparations.

    The times ahead will make todays struggles look very

    simple.You will need more than you have now in knowledge

    to stand in the face of the Supernatural.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I turn into the arms of my love and find all I need there to keep me trusting in the future....

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    I read, a lot, I can block out a whole day that way.

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