we have a minor renting a room with a 24 yr old. in the house. can someone get in trouble? who? how?

To be more specific. I was renting at a house, a room. They were all part of the rental agreement but one person was 16 years old, and the boyfriend was 24. Can the mother be prosecuted for child neglect? how about the 24 year old? statchatory? how about the people who rented the place to them? what happens with them? just wanting to know the consequences if I open this can of worms. Thankyou


is there a way I can get through this without getting myself in trouble?

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    First of all a 16 year old can not rent anything. They can not sign a contract even a rental agreement. They are not an adult. The law that is broken is the 24 year old. Living with a 16 year old. Stachatory rape comes to mind. The rental it self is rented to the 24 year old if he has brought the 16 year old into the rental unit he is in violation of the rental agreement and they should give them a notice to perform or quit. In other words put her on the remtal agreement. If she is not of age then unless she is his wife or of legal age she can not live there with him.

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    The fact that you're thinking about reporting these people for statutory rape is showing how narrow minded you are. You really wish to ruin other people's happiness by getting at them in any way you can. Not cool. But yes, I agree, you kept silent about this for too long and you could get in trouble as well.

    Of course you DON'T know if they had sex, and you'd have to prove it too, even if you could pull it off without becoming an accomplice. Hard to do without the 16 year old agreeing to be part of your lame plan.

    Instead, you'll make yourself a nice pair of enemies for life. Hmm.

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    Well, All of you could get in trouble for statutory rape, and sex trafficking of a child.

    You would all become sexual traffickers, and offenders, you would get a permanent record, etc.

    Its best you never speak about it again, but just knowing a 16 year old was "dating" a 24 year old, makes you responsible as well. You didn't contact authorities, and you shared the same house as them. You were paying to stay there, so you are in turn also responsible.

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    I f you are just renting a room at the place, how can you get in trouble? That's the landlord's problem. check the internet and see what the age of consent issues are for your state - if they are violating them (sharing a bedroom) - call child protective services or the police

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  • 3 years ago

    i replaced into 17 after I were given pregnant and my husband (then boyfriend) replaced into 22. i had my daughter a pair months after my 18th b-day. im particular it relies upon on your state yet age of consent in maximum states is 16. in those circumstances there is truly difficulty once you've someone attempting to make difficulty for you or him, like a make sure.

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