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F.3 bio,,about M..

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    a(ii)Menstrual period is defined as the sloughing off of the

    endometrium. This implying the decrease in the thickness

    of endometrium due to the lack of progesterone and oestrogen.

    Hence, from the graph, just 0 to 5 day and also the starting

    day on 28th.(due to decrease in the thickness of endometrium )

    b(i)The endometrium increases its thickness gradually from minium

    on day 5 to maximum on day 15

    c(i)Ovulation occurs on day 14 due to the completion of the increase

    in the thickness of endometrium .

    c(ii)Ovulation occurs again ONLY WHEN the thickness of endometrium

    decrease to minimum. (原理: The increase in the thickness of the

    endometrium is due to the high level of progesterone and oestrogen

    which (both of them) will inhibit a hormone called follicle

    stimulating hormone ,FSH, from being secreted by anterior pituitary

    gland. Without, FSH, the granuolsa cell cannot form egg shell that

    means no ovulation.其實你無須要知的,只給你作參考而已)

    (d)The reasons is:

    1 day after ovulation, the sperm can meet the egg cell in highest chance,

    leading to pregnancy.

    For 3 day before ovulation, there is still a chance for a egg cell to be

    produced before 14th day. In order to lowering this risk, mating should

    be avoided. (The ovulation day on 14th is just an assumption, but some

    women maybe not follow this rule. Hence it is necessary to avoid).

    Endometrium (子宫內膜) = uterine lining當你寫Endometrium時,


    你個圖非常清,是用digital camera影的嗎?

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