plx,help,especially someone with mec sense,40 points

i just ate almost raw celery this morning,when i brought it home,the celery

root was mudy,i wash it several times before i cook,i broiled water in pot

gave quick poach to the celery,the water was not so hot,after that i realize it

wasn't quite safe to eat it,can anyone tell me it that safe to eat celery like that,i'm so worry almost want go to clinc with running before i feel or will feel

drastic ill

i used to hear terrible news of people eating raw water _grow or wet _mud grow food


there were slight mud in the crack of the celery,somehow i feel inchy under my skin

Update 2:

if i really don;t feel well,where i can receive best treatment or doctor,how i can cure?

Update 3:

my worst worry is parasite infection

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need not worry so much since

    1. most of parasite infections in Hong Kong are not got by this way but rather by eating uncooked meat.

    2. most of parasite infections have no symptoms at all, the symptoms you have discribed are really not signs of a parasite infection.

    3. A doctor who could treat a parasite infection only when there is an evidence of infection found in your body, so you can ask the doctor to do a stool exam test next time.

    4. If you really, really worried about a parasite infection of yourself, go to a pharmacy and buy one dose of medicine for it. It won"t cost you much.

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