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題目:我喜歡的書(My favorite book)

不管怎樣,你都會愛我嗎? (No Matter What) 是我最喜歡的一本書,它是一本兒童故事書。它表達了母親對孩子的溫柔、耐心、與傾聽,明顯的表達出來母親對孩子的愛。所以讓我覺得很溫馨,因此不管怎樣,你都會愛我嗎?( No Matter What)是我最愛的一本書。

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    No matter what is my favorite book. This book is kind of children story book. The content show out a mother who treat her children in patiently and gentle way.It is obvious tell us the great mother love, and i think its warm and impresive. So, it is my favorite book.

    ㄜ 我盡力了 希望有幫助到你

    另外我加了依下字 還有編排了一下順序

    讓文章看起來比較完整通順.. ( 希望你喜歡並能接受

    先寫中文稿在翻英文 有時候會有點麻煩歐

    因為你會卡在每個詞都要寫進去 但是中文和英文的句法是有差異性的歐 要注意詞性的部份

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    "No Matter What" is my favorite book, which is a fairy tale book. It says that mothers always treat their own children with tender, patient and listen attentively to them with love. Mothers communicate the love to their children unconditional. It touched me with warm, in any case this book is my favorite one.


    No Matter What 是英文書名


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