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關於這次大考,考的比平時模擬考好耶!!! 現在就是選學校的時候了,我希望能夠考上外語系,這樣跟你溝通就不會有太大的問題!!

上禮拜我還跟我朋友們出去玩喔! 我們去他阿公家度假~ 拍了一些照片,裡面包括他們幫我慶祝18歲生日的照片~

現在已經放暑假了,我應該會去打工賺點錢吧~ 你暑假有什麼打算呢?





以上是信件內容, 網站翻譯都怪怪的...


謝謝大家 !!!

Update 2:

to ぷ!! :



我怕亂寫 外國人會看不懂XD

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    最近好嗎?How have you been?

    我已經考完事了,也畢業了,結束了高中生活I have finished the exam, graduated from the school, and ended my senior high school life.

    關於這次大考,考的比平時模擬考好耶!!! As to the entrance examination, I got better grades than the mocks (mock exams) I took at school.

    現在就是選學校的時候了,Now it’s time for me to choose a college

    我希望能夠考上外語系,I hope to get into an English department.

    這樣跟你溝通就不會有太大的問題!!Then I won’t have much trouble communicating with you in English.

    上禮拜我還跟我朋友們出去玩喔! Last week, I went out to have fun with my friends.

    我們去他阿公家度假~ 拍了一些照片,裡面包括他們幫我慶祝18歲生日的照片~We went to his grandpa’s, took some pictures, including the ones they took for my 18th birthday.

    現在已經放暑假了,It’s summer vacation now.

    我應該會去打工賺點錢吧~ I should get a part-time job and make some money.

    你暑假有什麼打算呢?What are you going to do for your summer vacation?

    對了,問你唷,你有抽煙嗎? By the way, do you smoke?

    嗯...好像都是我在問你問題耶,Well, it seems I am asking questions all the way.

    如果你想要了解我什麼也可以問我啊!You can also ask me questions if you want to.

    最後,考試考完了嗎?Finally, have you finished your exam?

    希望你也很順利唷! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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    Hello, How are you?

    I just finished my exam and have graduated from high school.

    I feel that Ive done better than usual, I hope its good enough for

    forign language college. so, I can commuicate with you better in

    the fufure.

    Last week I went with a friend to visit they grandparents we took

    some pictures and celebrate my 18th birthday.

    It is summer holiday now, I will like to try find a part time job earn

    some pocket money, how about you? Do you have any plans?

    By the way, do you smoke? sorry, but I feel I am the one asking all

    the guestions, would you like to know more about me?

    Anyway, have you finished your exam? hope everything going well.

    take care

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    Most recent well-being? My already tested have finished up, also has graduated, has finished the high school life

    Greatly tests about this, tests compared to usually simulates tests Ye! ! ! Now is chooses the school time, I hoped can 夠 test the foreign language department, like this links up with you cannot have the too major problem! !

    Last week I also exited with my friends play oh! We went to his Arab League government to be on a vacation ~ to pat some pictures, inside helped me including them to celebrate 18th birthday picture ~

    Now already put the summer vacation, what should I be able to go work gain money ~ you summer vacation to have to plan?

    Right, asked you oh, you have smoke?

    Mmm.. Looks like all is I is asking your question Ye, if you want to understand my any also may ask me!

    Finally, the test has tested? Hoped you very are also smooth oh!

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    Above is the letter content, the website translation all...

    Therefore the hope may be the artificial translation! !

    Thanks everybody! ! !

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