How Can I Have a Better Memory

Hi, everybody!

Please answer me the question.

I am at 30's.

I want to know that

for people at my age,

how can I have a better memory?

What are the tips? What are the skills?

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    Hi~hereunder are my personal opinions:

    1. Do whatever you wanna do,as far as it is leagal.Never mind the opinions of others.

    2.Do somthing wild like adventures that most people dare not to do,the menory will be fresh till you are 80.

    3.Keep on learning,whether in school or in other ways(e.g. Yahoo knoladge),you will find you know much more then other same age fellows when you are 40.

    4.AT the meanwhile,pay attentions to build a wonderful family,having one or two babies,and love them in the rest of your life.

    ~For your reference

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    If you want t obe happy,no one can make you angry,

    If you are strong enough,no one can hurt you,

    Everything is depend on [your mind].

    Source(s): A-HA~I am 40
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