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Ever Taste a Shape or Smell a Color?

Neurologist explores strange world of synesthesia.

ATLANTA,Georgia --- Can you conceive of

Smelling a number, seeing a sound, tasting a

color? Most people find all of these

unimaginable. However, for a very small

percentage of the population, such

sensations are normal. These people have

synesthesia. Synesthesia means joined

sensation. It is not voluntary. It is an

automatic physical experience in which one

sense sets off apperception in a different

sense or senses. For example, a synesthete

not only sees the color purple, but might

smell it, or see it as a shape, too.

Synesthesia has a different impact on

Different people. For some, it is a disorder

That makes their lives more difficult. In

Others, it is just an interesting phenonmenon.

However, synesthesia is very rare. It occurs in

about one in 25,000 individuals. Women are

twice as likely to be synesthetic as men, and

it also runs in families.






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    twenty-five thousand = 25000

    twenty-five thousand = 25000

    twenty-five thousand = 25000

    twenty-five thousand = 兩萬五千

    twenty-five thousand = 兩萬五千

    twenty-five thousand = 兩萬五千

    twenty-five thousand = 貳萬伍仟

    twenty-five thousand = 貳萬伍仟

    twenty-five thousand = 貳萬伍仟

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