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Hello I am 15 and i am really thinking hard about getting a pet of my own?

But when I get a pet i would really like she says No! She will let me have a Chincilla ( done reasearch dont sound good) Hamster and a Gunnie Pig

Name some pets i could get if you can help please

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    Good luck getting a pet. Before I answer, one word of advice. I am 21 and just finishing up a degree so I still live home. I have many rabbits, 4 cats, 3 dogs and 3 turtles, all of which i am very attached to. You will be out of the house soon and you should take into consideration that it is very hard to find a place to live with anything bigger than a guinea pig. That said:

    Turtle, Gecko, Snake, Hedgehog, ferret, rabbit, bird, giunea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, bearded dragon, sugar glider, fish

    Source(s): Animal Lover and Owner of so many there wouldnt be room to fit it in this box
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    If you don't like any of the options you were given I recommend you not getting any of them.

    I really wanted a puppy so my mom gave me an option to have a small animal like a fish or a rodent. So, I got two fish. But, since I really wanted a dog I started to ignore the fish and asked again until I convinced my parents to have something that actually makes a noise. They got me parakeets. Anyway, it went on until They gave me a cat, and got rid of all the other error pets. If you really don't want one of the pets they gave you to choose don't get any unless you are sure you will take care of it even after you leave for college or wherever else.

    If you are 15, remember that your parents may be also thinking that if you leave they may get stuck with a pet which is high maintenance, and needs lots of time and attention.

    My pets were given to close friends, but many pets out there don't have that same luck.

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    Who is "she", if this is your mother and she is saying no to a pet then she has good reason and until you live in your own home you must abide by the rules of your mother's home.

    If "she" will let you have a chinchilla, hamster or guinea pig these are the types of pets "she" thinks you can cope with, but if they are not to your liking then perhaps you would like to research the idea of a white rat as a pet.

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    t me, your questions sounds like you want a type of pet that your mum will dis-approve of?

    if this is the case then i warn you, that you are still only 15 an most laws i most countries say that you cannot buy a pet WITHOUT your parents permission, so it may well be ok going and buying a pet that your mum doesn't like, however she has the power to walk right back into that shop and tell them to take it back...

    last think you want to do is upset you rmum because she may just decide "FORGET IT, NO PETS AT ALL"

    as for an ideal first pet for you to care for yourself, try a rat, cute, friendly, small, and intellagent.

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    A Guinea Pig makes a good first pet, it's cheap and easy to keep, (in your bedroom if you want).

    It hardly makes any noise and doesn't need taking for walks, it's nice and friendly and when it get used to you, likes being cuddled.

    Here are my two, Billy and Bobbie:

    I also have a pet Royal Python which is even easier to keep, makes no noise at all and doesn't bite.

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    Well, Guinea pigs are great, as are hamsters, you could maybe have a rabbit? Or, how about a tortoise? or a Lizard,?

    Don't have a chinchilla though! My sons girlfriend has several, and belive me, they can be very noisy, and smelly too! One of her chinchillas is a huge thing...about the size of cat!

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    get a pet Rat they are amazing never bite the males grow to the size of a guinea pig they don't smell either

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    talk to her and if she will let you have a pet chose what you think will be best for you i am 15 i had my own chinchilla they are wery easy to look after i have also had a hamster these are the most easy and not that messy

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    What sort of thing are you wanting to get, i'm guessing your mum doesnt want something like a dog or cat, do you fancy a reptile of somekind!

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    guienea pigs are so nice i had two and they were cute then my dog ate them ....dont get a dog with small pets

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