I am going to the Recruiting Office!!! I need some help.?

I am trying to get information on the Military as in what branch is right for me. I like the Idea of the National Guard and one weekend out of the month thing. I am Also thinking about the Researves. I don't know much about them.

Is there anything that they will try to BS me about?

What is a plus to the Reserves? What is a Plus to the Guard?

I don't know my career Ideas yet but I have been thinking about Police officer, Fireman, Pharmacist, or Psychologist.

Does any of the Branches have anything to do with the above?

The main reason for going Military is that I don't know How I will be able to put myseft through school and living on my own at the same time.

What is your guy's out look?

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    Well first off, let me say I am in the Alabama Air National Guard. Let me just answer your questions in the order you asked them.

    1) I don't know about the BS part. The recruiter I had was very straightforward with me. Plus I had 2 good friends who were in the guard, so I guess she knew she couldn't lie to me. But a lot of things I heard about while in basic is their recruiters told them that they would definitely get to go to one of the 5 (I think it was five) bases that they chose (for Active Duty of course). Another thing was the career field. If you go Guard or Reserve, you won't have to worry about that though.

    2) There really isn't a difference between the Reserves and Guard that I have noticed, or been told about. The biggest, and only, difference I've found is that the Reserves is funded by the Federal Government, and the Guard is specific by state. Each state offers different pluses for being in the guard. For instance, in Alabama, for college I get about $650 a month for being enrolled full time in college, but in say, Florida, they pay all the tuition.

    3) Career ideas. If you want to be a police officer, you would get excellent training if you go Security Forces (Air Force) or Military Police (Army). Of course, remember, when you deploy as Security Forces, you will be the one with the gun in front of the base. It is all on how you personally want to participate in the war. There are also firefighter positions. In fact, on the civilian side, a firefighter on a military institution is a very good job to have, and if you already receive the training from the military, you are pretty much in for the job. I hear that stateside they do a lot of lounging, but when they get deployed they are putting out huge fires, like from oil fields. As far as pharmacist or psychologist, they DEFINITELY offer jobs of that nature. You would have to take a different route to get into that. You would be an officer. From what I understand, to be a pharmacist, once you complete your basics and are accepted to a school of pharmacy, you would then be able to receive a full ride from the military, of course you would have to sign a 6 year contract or something with them. But the benefits are great.

    4) Every branch pretty much has everything.

    I can tell you a little more about that National Guard from my experience. I signed up Sep 27, 2006. In January I was gone to basic training. I chose Satellite Communications as my career field. After 6 weeks of basic (they have since changed to 8 weeks if you sign up after October 2008) I went to my first tech school, Electronic Principles. I spent 6 weeks there with them drilling the idea of resistors and other electrical things into my head, then I went off to Ft. Gordon in Georgia to learn more about the satellite aspect of the job. While I was there I noticed the difference between Army and Air Force tech school living conditions right away. Where we put 4 people to a room, the army had 12 people in the same sized room.

    So after I finished tech school, i came back to my guard unit and did 60 days of On the Job Training to learn more about the job. I have only been on one "deployment" if you could even call it that. It was to Moody AFB in Georgia. Nothing too great to speak of yet, though. In August we are going to Japan for 2 weeks for our annual training.

    If there is anything else you wanna know just email me and if I don't know the answer, I can at least try and find it.

    let me end by saying that I think it was a great choice for me. I will get to go to a lot of different places over the next few years (even if it's just annual training) and the guys in my shop are really fun too. If (when) we ever have to go to the sandbox I feel confident in everyone, and almost with myself, to know we can get the job done that we need to quickly.

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    I've been in the PA Army National Guard for four years now and i regret not going Active to begin with. If you are joining just to go to School DON'T do it. You have to join because it is what you want. I am Deploying to Iraq in a few months and already have plans on going active when i get back. The military isn't just a job its a way of life. You can go to school while in active duty. My Dad completed college while he was in active and is now working on an other degree with the National Guard.

    It all comes down to what you want to do for your self. Don't Be afraid to leave home because of friends, girlfriends, and family. Its what is best for you, I stayed in the guard because I liked the life i had at home. If you are single and want to get every thing you can out of life i would recommend Active army.

    Looking into being a police officer ask about being an MP "military Police" or Infantry.

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    As far as finding the best branch for you, just go talk to the recruiters and find out what they have to say, but have specific questions ready so they don't try to lure you to something else. The Marine Corp has a really great fireman program, it's called Crash Fire Rescue. It's like being a fireman at the airport and all you do is just wait for something to happen and you get all of your qualifications so much quicker than you would in the civilian world. If you want to go into the medical field, air force, navy, and army is your best bet. But to be brutally honest with you kid, you have to be committed and you can't look back. There are a lot of ups and downs being in the military. Alot of bullshit that you have to put up with. I mean the experience and skills you learn well carry you really far. But just don't be those people who just want to quit. Think really hard if this is what you really want. Joining the military should be your last option. There's always financial aid and scholarship programs you can apply for. I just think that you should join the military more than just educational benefits. Don't think about the bonuses they'll offer, do what's best for you. And if you do decide that you want to join make sure you get exactly what you want and make sure they have the paperwork for you to sign to back it up. because recruiters are like salesman, they'll say whatever they think you want to hear. But make sure you see paperwok. Good Luck

    Source(s): 6 year Marine aircaft mechanic about to get out in a couple weeks.
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    First an for most, recruiters for the most part won't out right lie to you. They are decent people just doing their job. If you think you are being lied to, go to another recruiter. You are not "stuck" with the first one you talk to.

    As I said, they are doing their job, and part of their job is to get you to join. Of course the branch you talk to is going to be the "best" in their eyes. That doesn't mean that they are or that they are the best choice for you.

    If you are looking for benefits, Army Reserves is the best option. But you must remember, the needs of the Army come first. You will get your tution assistance, as long as they do need you at the time. Once you sign the contract, you are theirs. Don't get me wrong, the programs are great and I highly recommend the military and the programs that they have, but I see a lot of people upset that they didn't get things on their time.

    You might consider an MP (military police) MOS. There are fireman MOS's too. But if the only reason you are joining is for school, you might look for other avenues. Yeah you will get help with tution, but if you don't have a liking for the military, your time is going to be miserable. Just really consider your motives for joining.

    Go talk to a recruiter, that is what they are there for. Talk to all the branches and go prepared with a list of questions. It''s their job to help you. Just because you talk to a recruiter doesn't mean you are obligated to anything.

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    The Navy Master at Arms rating is for you. I'm a retired Submariner, so I am not an expert at all, but my son is in basic training right now heading for MAA school in San Antonio, TX in a month or so. Don't get wishy-washy with the Guard or Reserves, just DO IT! Commit, get the training for 4 or 5 years, and then decide if the civilian world is for you or not. Get some extra (free) College courses while in the Navy and you'll be set for CIA, FBI, and local law enforcement jobs. Veteran benefits are only getting better and you will be a Veteran when you get out. My son is real excited about it and I am excited for him. Good Luck, whatever you decide.

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    Many recruiters are rather solid approximately providing you with video clips and books with regards to what you are going to be doing to coach for boot. some are no longer. some rather have an energetic DEP poolee software that gets jointly each couple of weeks all 365 days doing actual instruction, performs video games, etc... some do no longer. this is rather the luck of the draw as to what variety of recruiter and what variety of recruiting place of work you have. once you're in a community the place there are a number of enlistees, the possibilities of having them artwork with you're probable extra effective. All you're able to do is circulate talk over with them. See what they have taking place, and grant to artwork with them to construct it into something extra, if what they're doing now could be no longer sufficient for you.

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    Why the reserves and not full time active duty? Check both out. Most recruiters will be honest with you, but check out anything they say that seems too good to be true.

    Also>> GET IT IN WRITING! Anything that you are promised, make sure it is in the contract and READ the contract. I know so many people who didn't, think they got screwed but really they just didn't read the contract.

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    i just graduated marine boot camp, if your looking for something not so physical don't join the marines, for those jobs I think the army has a wide range of stuff like that. plus boot camp is supposed to be easier and it is only 8 weeks. Just make sure you get everything in writing. Like a sign on bonus or a certain job make sure its there in ink before you sign anything

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    well for sure he will try to tell you how great it is and how there is no chance you will be deployed, but its all BS

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