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I've heard daily steaming, water intake, and watching the foods you eat can really clear acne?

I've pretty much have used about everything to clear my skin and nothing works any advice please??

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    your on the right track. you just need some pointers.

    first, steaming is good for your face. it opens up pores so you can ge the dirt out of them. but not every day. twice a week max! the reason is with open pores, that also means its easier for dirt to get in them. so right after you steam for 15 mins. trow hot water on your face to close the pores. but ice cold water!

    drinking water is the right way. you have to clean your body from the inside just like the outside. 8 glasses is the recomended serving, but I only take 5. a 16oz bottle when you wake up. your body hace been sleeping for 8 hours so it needs water.

    watch what you eat...we all know junk food causes acne, so stay away from it!

    if you have oily skin, I recomend "oil control" products.

    Source(s): goodluck and remmenber nice skin takes work but its woth it!
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    Eat healthy foods. Vegetables and fish are good. If nothing works, and I mean nothing. Use the medicine Acutane as a last resort. Its really strong, and it makes your acne go away forever.

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    Zenmed worked miracles for my acne

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    I have no idea...obviously if you read my question...;_ylt=Agmvs...

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