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worst presidents in U.S History and Why?

heres what i think

Richard Nixon- WaterGate

Herbert Hoover- started the depression

George W Bush - now all the other countries hate us

who do you think were the best presidents

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    Jimmy Carter was not only America's worst president, he's America's worst ex-president! This clown just won't stop!

    He wrecked the world's greatest economy and made a nuclear Iran and North Korea possible.

    Apart from the early years of the Depression, Jimmy Carter's brief tenure as president was the worst in the 20th century.

    After being told over and over by President Jimmy Carter that America's ability to influence world events was "very limited," the Soviet Union believed him and invaded Afghanistan. And al-Qaida was born.

    In the name of human rights, Jimmy Carter gave rise to one of the worst rights violators in history — the Ayatollah Khomeini. And now Khomeini's successor is preparing for nuclear war with Israel and the West.

    Carter also kissed Fidel Castro when he trekked to give aid and comfort to that communist thug. No doubt they reminisced about the days when Carter initiated diplomatic relations with Castro's Cuba, looking the other way as thousands of Cuban troops tried to impose Marxist rule in Africa.

    Carter cut off aid to El Salvador, which was fighting a communist insurgency, but he welcomed the Sandinista takeover of Nicaragua and gave Daniel Ortega's dictatorship more than $90 million in aid.

    Iranian hostage crisis. Carter's watery reply was to sit for more than five months before launching a rescue mission that was symbolic of his presidency: It crashed and burned.

    The Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax Act, which raised far less in revenue (a mere $80 billion rather than the estimated $320 billion) than hoped, had a devastating effect on oil supply and did nothing to diminish OPEC's stranglehold on the U.S.

    He kept American athletes home from the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow.

    He gave the Panama Canal away, it's owned by the Chinese now.

    Carter also began a limited trade embargo against the Soviets, killing the Russian wheat deal, which was intended to increase trade with the USSR. and ease Cold War tensions. U.S. farmers and their families who relied on the deal were hurt more than the Soviets whom Carter imagined he was punishing.

    The Camp David Peace Accords was a joke. Even today, thanks to Camp David, Israel and Egypt are the two largest recipients of U.S. foreign aid — between $3 billion and $5 billion a year since 1978. Despite that, only one of the two nations can be called a friend. Two years after Camp David, Sadat was murdered by Muslim extremists angry at the deal. And today in Egypt, there are no plaques of remembrance, no great monuments to Sadat. Only anger and bitterness. Israel did return the oil-rich Sinai to Egypt in return for peace.

    In 2004, Carter was an official observer to a rigged recall referendum. He swiftly declared it free and fair. Venezuelans cried fraud and chased Carter around Caracas, beating pots and pans. Despite this, outside Venezuela, Carter's report was taken by the media as credible, and Chavez's regime used it to bolster its legitimacy.

    Recently, he opens his yap about Israeli nukes, now Iran has more reason to want nukes too.

    That should be enough for now.

    Have a nice day, Ya'hear.

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    Clinton : An impeached liar.

    LBJ: Used every dirty trick in the books for elections. He was like a Boss Hog down in Texas. He ruined us in Viet Nam. And, he was famous for always cutting the cheese (nasty) in White House meetings.

    FDR: Many say he turned us into socialistic nation, with people counting on government to have all the answers. There is the theory that he allowed the Pearl harbor bombing to get into WW II, in order to end the Great Depression.

    Hoover was unpopular, since he inherited the Great Depression. That would have happened, no matter who was in office. That is just the opposite of the good time that Clinton inherited, but took all the credit for. Another Clinton lie. Of course, ha has made over $100 Million giving speeches and writing books about it.

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    WORST ! BEST !

    A. Johnson G. Washington

    L. Johnson J. Adams

    R. Nixon A. Lincoln. J.Carter F.D. Roosevelt

    W. Clinton H. Truman

    R. Reagan

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    Carter- sweaters, rabbits, Iran, stagflation

    Lincoln, Washington, Reagen were the best

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    George W. Bush. All the others before him have become the best presidents.

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    Carter Foreign troubles started with him

    Johnson Expanded welfare state

    Clinton Did nothing Republican congress saved us.

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    I agree with your choices for the worst.

    As far as best or fair goes, Kennedy, and Clinton.

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    FDR - created the welfare state

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    do some homework

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