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tap water or bottled water?

i drink bottled water all the time when i'm not home but i am thinking about just refilling a reusable water bottle with tap water cuz its better for the environment. (yeah i know i shoulda thought of that a long time ago) what are the pros and cons of both tap and bottled?

i just heard that tap water is actually investigated more than bottled water but i'm not sure if its true.

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    Tap water is actually probably better than most bottled water. Tap water is regulated by laws like the Safe Drinking Water Act, but bottled water is not really regulated that much. Actually, some bottled water companies just fill their bottles with plain old tap water. Also, tap water is better for the environment. After all, water bottles are made out of plastic, which is made from oil. Also, bottle water creates more waste, especially when people do not recycle.

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    Bottled Water

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    I can't believe in the last five to ten years how much bottled water I see in the grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.. and all the people buying it. What a waste of money. There is nothing wrong with the water from the tap. Fill up a glass or a bottle and chug 'er down!

    Also, tap water has flouride in it ever since the 50's and the amount of cavities in peoples teeth decreased about 85% when they started to put flouride in the water.. so another reason bottled water is a waste.

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    A direct comparison of drinking water from the tap with unrefrigerated bottled water shows an environmental impact of tap water which is less than one percent of that of bottled water. Even when refrigerated and carbonated, the environmental impact of tap water is approximately only one fourth of that of bottled water. Thus, from an environmental point of view, tap water is preferable to bottled water as a beverage." People have an obsession with bottled water. Somehow, somewhere, somebody decided that tap water was no longer acceptable and along came the paranoia, the bottled water and the oceans full of trash and empty plastic bottles.

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    I am definitely pro-tap water, and filtration takes out even more stuff like chlorine. Another thing to think about is investing in a good water bottle, not just a re-used water or soda bottle (although it is better than throwing it away). Stainless steel canteen bottles are supposed to be the best for you since they are non-reative and do not break down in the water. Plastic bottles supposedly can release free radicals into the water, especially when warmed, so try to keep them cool. I think the jury is still out on all this, but it might be a good thing to do anyway.

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    Most bottled water is simply tap water that has been through additional filtration. Granted, tap water, by law, has to be filtered and treated repeatedly to make it potable. So there is absolutely no reason to not refill your own bottle.

    Not only will you be reducing the amount of waste you create and saving money, you will also be sending a message to the bottling companies that you do not support their practice of making money off of something you can get from your tap.

  • Tap water just but like a Brita filter it will taste the same and is by far better and less wasteful on the environment then bottle water

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    Bottle water is mostly filtered tap water. You don't want the chemicals added by the treatment plants that comes from the tap.

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    They conducted a study on bottled water and tap water recently and said there was no difference between Aquafina and tap water, however; there is the problem of rusty pipes occasionally causing problems with the tap water, like hepatitis.

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    tap water is virtually free, and better for the environment. it also has a unigue taste too. each area of the country has its own taste, because of the different minerals in the land around you!

    bottled water is ten times more expensive that tap water anyway.

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