Cell phone number area codes?

hi, my parents are getting me a cell phone for my birthday finally, im moving to minneapolis from houston in august. but we want to get it now, because my dad is already in minneapolis and he is coming in this weekend, i was just wondering if we could go to a verizon store down here in texas and get a minneapolis area code so we dont have to change it once we move up there. and so i dont have to wait until the end of august to get my phone. i asked some people and some said yes and some said that they could only assign you local area codes, so i dont really know.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    our area code, for the St.Paul area is 651. minneapolis is 612 or 952.

    I bet you can ask the guy. explain your sob story about moving. and then flash him, THEN ask if he will PRETTY please enter it as the 651/612/952 number or what have you... I really just wanted to say 'or what have you'. okay. GO! :D

    Source(s): My own personal experience, when I got my phone they asked what number I wanted. I chose 651. :] now call meee. <3
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