Can/Do police officers use or have emergency strobes or lights in their personal vehicals?

I know firefighters and parametics have blue lights in their vehicals to get to the station without having to worry about intersections and such. Do police officers use them as well?


paramedics...sorry, can't spell today!

Update 2:

Yes, civilian vehical....personal.

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    It is mainly up to department policy as to whether officers can equip their personal vehicles with lights and sirens. Some departments allow it while others don't.

    In my town, street officers are not permitted to equip their personal vehicles with lights and sirens. That is because when they are on duty, they have their police cruiser. While off duty, it is not probable that they would respond to any calls. Also if they are out and about and have a reason to respond to something, they use their cell phones, or alot of the officers in town take their personal radios with them while out so they can call for backup from an on duty officer.

    Unlike some of the others said, there is no such thing as being truly off duty. When laws are being broke to the extent that needs immediate intervention, an off duty officer becomes on duty. And most all departments are decent about backing an off duty officer.

    Detectives on the other hand are able to equip their personal vehicles with lights and sirens. That is because along with their shift, they operate on an on call basis.

    But again, it is just department policy. Different police agencies have different needs that need to be met.

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    No, police dont need'em when their off duty, because they usually take their cruisers home anyway. The only reason firefighters do is they sometimes have to respond from home and they cant exactly take a firetruck home with'em lol

  • Meghan
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    As far as I know, they do not have them. There would be no need. When a police officer has not checked in to the station, they are not on duty. Firefighters and paramedics respond to emergency situations at a moments notice. Police only do that when they are on duty. There may be a few jurisdictions that have them, but I've never heard of it.

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    Technically yes in my state. However, it is extremely rare.

    Source(s): Me Police Officer
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  • 1 decade ago

    i have seen this some but very few officers have these

  • CGIV76
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    1 decade ago

    Unless they're reserve Police, and have been authorized the use, no.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer
  • 1 decade ago

    No, they do not, at least not in California.

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    i dont know what your asking, exactly. you mean they're PERSONAL civilian cars, or their squad cars? clarify please.

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