knife brands?

does anbody know anything about Winchester knives?

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    1 decade ago
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    They're American made with American materials by Americans and are rock solid American knives for the working American.

    Lots of folks will tell you "buy a Case" or "buy a Gerber"....but flapping lips is easy to do without any real knowledge to back that lip flapping up. Winchester knives are actually made by a company called Blue Grass Cutlery....and BGC actually makes subcontracted Case and, in some cases, Gerber knives. Gerber is made in China for the most part these days....and BGC only makes approx 25% of all the Cases sold in the US and not the 32 entire PATTERNS that it had before, but the name is still highly respected.

    Your grandaddy might have owned a John Primble jack knife....those are more highly regarded than Case knives in a lot of cases....a really rare JP these days could easily trade one for one with a good firearm. Those are Winchester/Blue Grass knives, too.

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Winchester as a working knife. Those are the only ones I'll spend money on anymore since the collector market is a sham. A decent Winchester in your pocket, to the folks who know knives, won't be something to be ashamed of. The ones that don't know, screw them.

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    My mom has had a set of Wustof Classic for the past 15 years and has abused the crap out of them. And with the occasional sharpening, they've done very well for her. As a professional cook, I have two separate sets of knives, the ones I use everyday, and the ones I keep sharp all the time, and don't get banged around everyday. The ones I use everyday are the ones that I got from cooking school, the whole set, including a whole set of baking tools-which probably cost about half-and the total was about 300 dollars. I have no idea what the brand is. My good set, including Pablo (my 10 inch Chef's knife) was a present from my parents, and consists of a small paring knife, a boning knife, the 10 inch chef's knife, a utility knife, and a bread/serrated knife. This is my Wustof Classic set, and I take immaculate care of them. They ended up costing about 450 dollars. I would get her these basics: Chef's knife-probably 8 inches paring knife-3 1/2 inches bread/serrated knife- 8-10 inches Those will cover just about everything she might need. Now the boning and utility knifes are very nice to have, but not really necessary. I have to tell you, on my wish list for Christmas is a Wustof Classic Santoku with hollow ground ovals, which runs about $90. That is just icing on the cake for my set. Don't get me wrong though, my Wusthofs have been used and abused, and I would like to make them last forever, so that's why I use my cheaper set on a day to day basis. Oh! I almost forgot kitchen shears, I have a Wusthof pair and they're used everyday, because they weren't nearly as expensive as the knives. But they are still fantastic. Anyway, I love Wusthofs, but Henckels and Globals are pretty awesome too. I would say that they will all last at least one lifetime with some decent TLC. Good luck, I hope this helped a little!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Winchesters are good but I would suggest trying out Gerber knifes. But a winchester will get the job done.

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    Recently I have seen them dirt cheap boxes in Basspro and Wal-mart. Normally price ranges around $10.00 to $20.00 gift boxes.

    if these are the type they are a knife that will serve their purpose.

    Ah but you can't go wrong with a Case knife. Probably cost you from $38.00 to _______. However they are truly are a quality knife.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Recycle Beer Can....Sorry, but I like my Smith and Wesson SWAT. Great knife....

    But yeah, gerber, buck, and kershaw are way better than the winchester.

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